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another crucial part of dealing with the cold is to layer. if you have them, long johns and thermal undershirts will keep you very warm. i personally would recommend uniqlo heattech.also wearing sweaters and knits over buttondowns will help as well.
Chris, how would one arrange a meeting in New York?
just checked ebay, how the hell are the Oregon Foamposites going for $600?!?!?!?!
how did they do that? employees?
swing and a miss for me too, god damn it.....
http://www.styleforum.net/t/227575/quintessential-crockett-jones-thread/5040#post_6699338http://www.styleforum.net/t/227575/quintessential-crockett-jones-thread/5040#post_6699417according to these 2 posts, that nail pattern means its C&J.
beatle, what size did you end up going with? i thought you were holding out for the bond fit bc you typically wear rudys?just asking bc im in a similar position to you and curious what pushed you over the edge to pull the trigger
hey mike, i remember your step by step polishing method. i just saw it again. thanks again for posting. it was super helpful! how has venetian shoe creme been working compared to the reno? also @dddrees, thanks for the help!
flyknits have been great to run in for me so far.
stevent, you use both reno and saphir cordovan creme?
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