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hey mike, i remember your step by step polishing method. i just saw it again. thanks again for posting. it was super helpful! how has venetian shoe creme been working compared to the reno? also @dddrees, thanks for the help!
flyknits have been great to run in for me so far.
stevent, you use both reno and saphir cordovan creme?
you think gamma 12 will be crazy like today too? also wj4, what website calendar do you use to learn about releases?
^^^^ Jim, i happen to really like the color of your lindricks for what its worth
when do the 1's come out? im not seeing anything on NDC calender
nothing in my size but thanks for making this happen spoo!
thanks man.you end up getting a pair for your boy?
how did you do that?
did you get a pair? i tried to buy a pair online but no luck...
New Posts  All Forums: