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yay for me as well spoo!
yea i totally agree with cary grant. i dont remember in past seasons, immunity lasting this long into the season.
hey mike, i think you missed my question earlier. this madras wont bleed right? mike will this madras bleed?
lol i remember this too. a guy on my basketball team bought them and used to bring the case around
with compression, that doesnt happen a lot to me. with thermals, i sweat a decent bit but i would rather have that, than be cold while im outside. i would def wear compression with sweat pants as the wind will cut right through the material.
its coming down fast out there. roads are a mess in the east village already
stitch, great look today. also really like the fact that you have started posting the full fits in this thread.
lol compression gear works well too, been there man. yea i have worn beanies to professional environments, not sure about other guys. the minute I enter a building, i take the hat off so not many people really see it
another crucial part of dealing with the cold is to layer. if you have them, long johns and thermal undershirts will keep you very warm. i personally would recommend uniqlo heattech.also wearing sweaters and knits over buttondowns will help as well.
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