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2 more images showing how great pleats can be (spoilered bc not directly related to EP). im excited to see how epaulet's version! [[SPOILER]]
http://www.styleforum.net/t/376283/bnib-edward-green-10-10-5-burgundy-brown-and-black-82-last couple of EG's for sale
+1. summer rush of tourists is over by then and it is too early for the holiday tourist wave. october is a great time to visit the city.
how's the sale? I have been stuck at work and couldnt check it out yet.
last year they had these huge boxes with like 50 ties and they kept pulling them out as the sale went on. each box had new great stuff in it, so i would definitely go even on Friday or the weekend.
what happened to the factory find shirting?
it seems like a lot of the issues are arising from the NY pop up store
yay for me as well spoo!
yea i totally agree with cary grant. i dont remember in past seasons, immunity lasting this long into the season.
hey mike, i think you missed my question earlier. this madras wont bleed right?
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