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gotta agree with the other guys regarding hyper dunks. they have have great for me as well.
anyone know of a place to get cheap shoe trees? Joseph A Bank sales coming up or anything?
how did they switch it up?
lol honestly i hate you guys. i had to work a 24 hour shift when the speckled chambray dropped and came back home to it being sold out....
I'm in. Last one was a great time
anyone have a black on black thorpe varsity jacket that didnt work out for them in medium? please PM me. work has been insane and i havent checked the website or forum in days so i missed out on this.
been following this thread for a while and surprised at how little hate there is towards TWC. god its sooooooo awful. last night i had to unplug my router and modem about 20 times because the internet kept going in and out. i pray some other service becomes available in my building soon.
i have the flyknit lunar 1's in 11.5 but looking to buy flyknit free 4.0s. never bought a pair of frees before. should i get the same size or size up?
you guys see this?? this guy is making these maps for cities across the country.
good god the one weekend i step away from this thread it blows up with shoes that would fit me perfectly...... happy the clothes and shoes are finding good homes though
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