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I'm really trying to find a pair of Mountain Trail Left Banks (the collaboration with Tanner Goods) in a 10.5.  I worry I was too slow on the draw.   Anybody got a line on a pair?  I'm pretty consistently an 11, so I'm thinking 10.5 is the way to go.
Has anybody seen any of the Red Label briefcases around recently?  I've got the Red Label zipper tote and medium duffel in navy, but I'm looking to round them all out with the briefcase.   The only luck I've had finding anything online has been via Urban Outfitters - unfortunately, they only stock the red version.   Any leads?
I'm looking to buy a Mister Freedom Deck Jacket in size 42.  I'd prefer the "Troy" version, but any versions of it are cool with me.   I'm in Austin, Texas, so I'll need it to be shipped here.   Thanks much!  Really hoping someone has one they're looking to get rid of.
I hated that I had to return the black watch shirt I ordered from the last F/W season...  No idea what was going on with the sizing on those.   I'm glad to hear that this season's black watch is a bit more true-to-size, though.  I might have to jump on that one.
  I don't like my shirts too fitted, but you're right - that one is way too big for that fella.   The sleeves look like they'd hang down past his palms.   Got mine in L.  Looks like there's an S and an M still available...
You say boring, I say paunchy and uncool.   Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe.
I appreciate the effort on the part of Gitman, but I'm in the same boat.   I know there are some fellas out there who could pull off something like that, but I'm definitely not one of them...
Thanks much, for Kensington's re-post, mike1445.  There are some beautiful shots in there! And thanks for the info on the ticking stripe shirts, ThomSquared.  Though I'm always partial to blue shirts, something about the one at South Willard has really piqued my interest.  
Ha!  Not to worry - I'm a dyed-in-the-wool large. I've seen pretty much the same options across the usual range of dealers, but no trace of that buffalo plaid.  You're probably right - it'll show up with retailers' second shipments.   Also of note is the scarcity of what South Willard has listed as a "Natural w/Blue Ticking Stripe."  They're the only store I've seen offering that one so far.
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