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my calves grew cause i've been feeding them but now my jeans are jegging tight around em. everywhere else fits fine anything i can do to loosen them? anyone know good of a skilled tailor in nyc? ty
do the black selvedge fade? (these:
Which of the two black APCs would offer fades most similar to the indigos? The white/grey weft one or the black weft ones?
get a pair of frees imo.
You could probably reduce stretching by wearing a belt tightly, I might be wrong.
Abam, do you have a measurement of how much your thighs are around? Mine are ~20 around and I wear a 29 PS, but the calves were practically skin tight when I got em, and the thighs have ~.5-1 inch of room. I think a 28 would work for you, probably not a 27 though.
Check out they're having a 30% off still I think
Which cut in N&F would fit most similarly to the APC PS's in 29, the Skinny guys or the Weird guys? Also, anyone have any experience with the black/grey selvedge?   Also, since I already have the PS's, what color do you guys think I should go with next in N&F? Grey, black raw or solid black?
Guys, which N&F would fit closest to the APC PS in 29? BTW, is having a 30% off on all, and it works on APCs as well (comes out to about 122.5 or so, free ground shipping just bought PS's last week for full price+tax -_-).  
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