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Now that Daffy's is on its last few weeks in existence, does anyone have any ideas as to where Incotex will start being discounted? Presumably Daffy's has already stopped buying any leftover stock, so Slowear, Incotex's owners, must have already found a place to dump their wares, or at least be thinking about it. Presumably the people behind incotex read this site, though I doubt they'll comment.
Waiting with excitement for you to post actually as I'm about to order one I think.
I haven't been around the site in a while, but having just checked in, I see this. Can I get a last-minute invite as a buyer?
Can't see anything b/c photobucket account over bandwidth. Shame, since it's all my size
Just note that the Rules state: Quote: 1. This prize draw is open to residents of the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Republic of Ireland aged 18 years or over, except employees of Telegraph Media Group Limited and their associated, affiliated or subsidiary companies, and their families, agents or anyone else professionally associated with the draw.
Does anyone have anything to say about the construction of E&R's tuxedos? Perhaps the country of production, canvassing, fabric, etc. What would be a decent maximum price to pay for a new tuxedo of theirs? I have the opportunity to purchase one, but wouldn't be able to see it or try it on before payment, so I was hoping I could get some assistance here.
Price Drop C&J: was 215 now $170 Alden: was 135 now $95
Could you measure them? Outside length, inside length if possible. Would also prefer width at narrowest part of waist.
Price Drop C&J: was 215 now $190 Alden: was 135 now $115
Just to let you know, that site requires a login. Could you, by any chance, send me one?
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