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    surprisingly, they're not shitty.   that design feature/stripe is like a by-product, an indicator of how the fabric is loomed.   how it's loomed is what's nice. but in the end they're still cookie-cutter jeans, right?
^^ guess you calling me a lemming then.  alright, i'm new here, but i guess i'll have to start using the 'block member'  option earlier than expected.   just wanted to help by confirming that Selvage=Selvedge;  had to sign up to do so. i guess non-lemmings have to buy expensive jeans at small-box stores to feel special.  
    surprisingly, they're not shitty.     
you're not wrong.  they do say "Selvage".  it's just an alternate spelling...selvedge = selvage.  same definition.   anyways, i bought 2 pairs of these in-store.  they were on sale for $27.99! made in China, but c'mon...selvage jeans for less than 30 bucks!  it's still selvage!  they fit and look decent, as well. not even gonna care when i machine wash them.  haha.
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