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does anyone know who sells gransasso knitwear in england
does anyone know who who sells castangia in london,or who their uk agent is?
when i was at the last kilgour sample of the guys who works for them said they were going to stop using the chinese tailors for their off the peg stuff.he said they were going to be useing davenza for it.he said he'd already seen the samples.the bad news is theirs going to be a massive jump in prices .the off the peg range is going to start at about £2000 to £2500.i was wondering if anybodys been into kilgour lately.if so have they got them in yet
volpe in denbigh street london has them .their ones are made by gran sasso
does anyone know who makes robert olds cashmere jumpers
volpe in denbigh street has some.also milano in knightsbridge
does anybody know who sells catangia in london
has anyone seen their limited edition suits the ones that are fully canvassed .they also have working hand done button holes on the sleeves, even the back pockets on the trousers have hand done button holes ,which some so called high end brands cut corners with and machine finish .the look pretty good
has anyone been in santarelli in beauchamp place.if they have what did they think of their stuff
iam in london and im ordering a pair of santoni club shoes model dover .can anyone advise me on sizeing iam a uk size 10 in crockett jones ,church and cheaney
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