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thinking of buying a tino cosma reversible cashmere cardigan .anyone had any experience of their knitwear i know their ties are exellent.but what about their knitwear
fray shirts ,does anyone know the website address for them .ive tried a search on google but had no luck
david london tailors .anyone tried them their on hackney road east london
just found out his first name is nicholas
my original post was not a wind up santarelli does exist they make for billionair and have started to make for the umbrella people fox .i saw one of their totally hand made suits in a shop in chislehurst kent called john porter.it was fantastic not like the tacky billionair stuff
no its not canterelli they make for ralph lauren .its santarelli .that was a good one rjames man you had me going for a minute their .i thought why would do that then the penny dropped
santarelli ,does anyone know anything about this italian tailor
cains moore does anyone know anything about this italian knitwear brand
does anyone know who sells their suits in england
i was in the dunhill shop in jermyn street and they confirmed that the suits are made by zegna
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