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does anyone know if the crocodile skin wallets are put in sale?
does anyone know the names of any of the companys that make the crocodile skin wallets for companys like ralph lauren,turnbull & asser,and brioni.their cant be that many companys making good quality crocodile skin wallets
does anyone know the name of the company that makes the briefcases for both cleverly and fosters and sons.i believe they are located in the shoreditch area of london
does anyone know if loro piana have a factory shop.i dont mean a factory oulet like the one at bicester village.i mean an actual factory shop.like church's have ,they have a store at bicester village but they also have a factory shop at their head office.so what about loro piana does anyone know if they do and if they do has anyone been their
.house of hanover has a all the stock from piero zuliani which was in beauchamp place and sadley went bust. their are some real bargains their santoni club sports shoes £99 regular santoni shoes at £150.castangia and isaia sports jackets for £250 and castangia and isaia and d'venza suits for about £400
how do you get these online discount codes? and how do they work? also ralph has an online site for the uk.do they still work on that
does anybody know who turnball and asser get their cashmere knitwear from
i was in edward green recently and most of the styles were £600.some models like the dover were £695.but ralph has still gone mad with his priceing.they still have a model from last year a brown lace derby which is on display at £595,and right next to it they have a plain oxford and a full brougue and they are both on sale at £1100,which are both from this season it just makes no sense
ralph lauren purple label shoes as everyone knows are made by edward green.in the past they always priced them about £50 more than the equivalent model that you could buy from edward green .but ralph gave you a pair of shoe trees as well so the priceing was ok .but now all thats changed.the price he wants is wait for it ,your not going to believe this £1100 .thats right edward green are currently selling in the jermyn street store for £600. and ralph wants us to pay...
Could you please tell me who makes/retails these gloves ?, do you know if they are available in London ? thanks in advance.
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