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i agree i dont like their regular shoes.and i think most of their cordovan models are not as nice as crockett and jones offerings,but i realy like the indy boot in cordovan.and no one else seems to do anthing llike that
does anybody know who stocks alden in the uk or anywhere in europe.iam interested in the cordovan indy boots
discount shoes strutton ground sw1. 0207 222 5223.they can order in any style in any size and they are way cheaper than anyone else they sell loake and barkers and they are about 30 percent off normal retail prices .its just a shame they dont do crockett and jones
iam always reading posts about people buying half price cordovan shoes on ralph laurens website useing special discount codes.but all these posts are from people in america.iam in the uk and ralph now has a uk website that sells online.so has anyone used these codes here in the uk ?or are they only for the american website?if you have used here in the uk how do they work?
volpe in denbigh street sw1.
does anyone know if the crocodile skin wallets are put in sale?
does anyone know the names of any of the companys that make the crocodile skin wallets for companys like ralph lauren,turnbull & asser,and brioni.their cant be that many companys making good quality crocodile skin wallets
does anyone know the name of the company that makes the briefcases for both cleverly and fosters and sons.i believe they are located in the shoreditch area of london
does anyone know if loro piana have a factory shop.i dont mean a factory oulet like the one at bicester village.i mean an actual factory shop.like church's have ,they have a store at bicester village but they also have a factory shop at their head office.so what about loro piana does anyone know if they do and if they do has anyone been their
.house of hanover has a all the stock from piero zuliani which was in beauchamp place and sadley went bust. their are some real bargains their santoni club sports shoes £99 regular santoni shoes at £150.castangia and isaia sports jackets for £250 and castangia and isaia and d'venza suits for about £400
New Posts  All Forums: