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I have also noticed on quite a few crockett & jones cordovan shoes small bumps on the toe cap ''almost like goose pimples on your skin''.i was discussing this with someone who works in Alfred sargents factory,and he explained to me that during the lasting process of the shoe the leather is heated up.apparently cordovan doesn.'t stretch very much, and if it's not heated up enough then it can tear.their is a video somewhere on youtube of a factory tour of Alan edmonds and...
Their have been various threads about shell cordovan,and within all of those threads someone mentions that their cordovan shoes look dry.they don't have that high shine ''wet look''.Then somebody recommends a shoe cream or wax to get the desired look.On a recent alden thread a member put some angelus acrylic finish 600 on his alan edmonds shoes.and has if by magic he turned a dry looking pair of shoes into pair that looked brand new.The member then stated that in his...
does anyone know who makes john lobb's shoe brushes. i am referring to the john lobb bespoke cobbler in saint james street as opposed to the jermyn street ready to wear company.they appear to be made by the same company that makes brushes for edward green.i know its not dasco,or the french company that makes for saphir,la cordonnerie anglaise and famaco.but i have no idea who else it could be.does anyone else know
does anyone have the link for the review and comparisons between saphi,woly and metonian cream.i think the guy doing the comparisons was a Japanese shoe shine expert.and i think the original article was on a Japanese website
the standard belt range doesn't include a whiskey cordovan version .but they do m.t.o 's on the belts as well.so you could all get a matching whiskey cordovan belt as well.just a thought
i saw a coat in the crombie store in conduit street that i liked,it was £795 and i don't know if i should wait to see if it goes in their sale.does anybody know when they usually have their sale and whether everything goes in it and at what sort of reductions their are
their was a thread quite some time ago about a shoe company which the owner stated that the bontoni shoe people stole all their antiquing secrets and designs for their shoes.can anybody tell me the name of that company.or better still the actual thread
harrods ,robert fuller theirs a shop in the shopping centre whitleys that has a couple of branches.if their is a certain jacket that you want you should phone the uk distributer and ask them who stocks it.the full range isnt available in the uk.i wouldnt buy on line unless you know your exact size as their sizeing is all over the place i have 3 of their jackets 1 medium 1 large and 1 xtra large.the uk agent is called big bear 0208 991 9244
i agree i dont like their regular shoes.and i think most of their cordovan models are not as nice as crockett and jones offerings,but i realy like the indy boot in cordovan.and no one else seems to do anthing llike that
does anybody know who stocks alden in the uk or anywhere in europe.iam interested in the cordovan indy boots
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