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Really good catch, everyone...I have written a note to LEC to ask them if my jacket was sent unlined by mistake or if their catalog listing is incorrect.
I know....false advertising!
I don't believe they will do name tags for OTR.
Review of their Moleskin Campus Jacket   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN9CSAQDV-o
Ahhh, Mohair...was going to have my suit made of Mohair but favored the three season fabric I went with...you probably saw the video but below was the experience:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysWeOe7NLpE&list=UUISxo8mBasRS94caEsG_DeA&index=3&feature=plcp
I have the down vest, and I am very happy with it...as per usual I sized down...small for my 40R chest...quality is good, warm, and the details like pockets and interior are on par with more expensive jackets....  
Sorry, didn't nab any of the Wetherby...next time for sure!
Took these pix the other day at the TF in NYC....this is the Falconer...much thinner lapels than the Regency I own... Spoke to representatives there that were coming from an internal meeting which partly discussed the Bond film.  They announced to me that the two new styles of suit Craig will wear in SkyFAll is the Falconer and the Wetherby.  The Falconer is a VERY slim suit that Colin Firth wore in the Single Man.  Very thin lapels etc...I tried on the suit and was...
Anyone going on Monday?
Stopped by the shop yesterday while in NYC...will have to spend more time next time I am in.  Everything was laid out in a very simple fashion...at first I didn't realize that you had more sizes in the trousers hanging so was crest fallen when I saw the small selection.  But the gent on duty (glasses, beard), was helpful in explaining the approach.  But now that I know you are so close to my other favorite places like Scotch & Soda etc, I will be returning to shop!
New Posts  All Forums: