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Yep, finally purchased those alpine boots...
Fits true to size...I like mine but be aware that it is quite thin, so best to layer.
If this group would like, I could post clothing shots of the line from the event.  We were given journal grade photos....
Read here to see what some of our own Style Forum members were a part of:$EMAIL_OFFER_NUMBER$&=&applyPromo=0#
Looks fantastic!  I think it came out great!
Love to see how your wax jacket came out...BTW, the wax jacket made the Fan Feature Look of the Month on the Lands End Canvas FB site and will be featured in the next catalog with other featured looks:
Not to revitalize an old thread, but does anyone have experience with wearing these with Blue do the blue lenses hold up for sun glare etc...
LEC is changing the catalog entry to I said, good catch!
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