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Steve McQueen influence on James Bond:
Comparison video of McQueen and Bond can't keep a good pinky down... ;)
What, you mean these girls...they are a lot of fun!  
Anyone have links to sites for the tan oil trucker...or a coupon code for Filson site?  Also on the new ones if I am a size 40 and like things fitted would I get a M or a L?
Received my 257 from Glen Outdoors for under $200...and I am very impressed.  I have a few Jack Spades but there is something very ORIGONAL about these Filsons that make me excited to begin the breaking in process...
I like mine but for sure size down
   Epaulet is amazing...I visited the store the other day with intentions of purchasing one of the Rivet chinos in CLAY but alas they were out of my size.  Adele was there and was an incredibly gracious hostess.  She had me try on some chinos in different fabrics, sizes and styles to get a sense of the Epaulet experience and wouldn't you know it....I walked out with a pair of the 'Rivet Chino Navy Canvas....I had no intention of buying Navy pants but they looked so damn...
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