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BTW, I also picked up this:   Received it and I am very happy with it...bright colors, slim fitted cut and the bicep holes fit well against the arm...also not overly long on the torso....received many compliments.
I too picked up the slim seersucker pants...we'll see.  Did anyone buy the seersucker white short sleeved shirt?
    Do you mean the red one with blue stripe?
Yeah, I hear ya...actually in most pics people have the sleeves flipped a bit to show the mohair cuffs so I should probably do that as well and will be a better fit-look.
Here are a few shots of mine...this sucker feels tough...but good.    
Wound up going with the medium after the large was too 'baggy'....anyone who has had theirs find theirs finally breaking in?$EMAIL_OFFER_NUMBER$&=&applyPromo=0
And speaking of is one around the LEC Boat Boot...
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