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Thanks....video coming this weekend!
I have mine...which leads me to a question...are there specially designed shoe trees for short boots like my Skyes?
Not at all...any sock will do...they fit well, and have a bit of adjustment based on how hard you tie the shoe...
Thank you!  I am trying to post more pix of the event but it says I am too new to the forum...hmmmm
Here are a few more pix from the event:  
I am a huge fan of my C&J Skye boots...they go well with my suits, chinos and especially jeans!  Comfortable with very little break-in!  Here are some shots:  
Thanks!  Believe me, this was a very unusual treat for me as well...and he was very gracious with his time, comments etc...
The girl in blue is one of the Brazilian model LEC uses in their catalog...extremely nice, and extremely down to earth!    
Short story of when I met Tom Ford and my Quantum of Solace suit... http://www.jamesbondlifestyle.com/index_news.php?m=news&g=111102
I know Rambo will be discussing the event, but here are some pictures of the Editor's Event to satiate you in the meantime....   http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2418322330074.2130329.1011857815&type=3
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