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Does this "goodyearshoes" seller on eBay ships using FedEx or Regular Post? FedEx/UPS is a deal breaker for me.
 I also have Hiro and Rain shoes and also in 9.5UK. I would agree with David that the two last fit similarly, however one word of caution is that Hiro lasted boots are not the same as Hiro lasted shoes, i think same holds true for Rain (however I only tried Rain lasted boots and don't actually own a pair). Also in my limited experience Hiro lasted shoes are a tiny bit lower in the in-step, but nothing that warrants sizing up and is not noticeable after the break-in period.
 Great look and the shoes look perfect also. Just curious who is the maker SC? Caruso?
Maiden voyage.
FedEx does provide the pink slip with the breakdown of all the charges.
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