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Subscribed. Incredibly useful topic
 No, not a good deal. it is too short and lapels are too narrow.
duties yes, tax depends on which state you are shipping the item to
 Hiro. I don't have experience with Olfe and Elton.
 Do you have Carmina Simpson?
 I wear same size as Rain, although SL has quite a few lasts and they fit very differently.
 I do, got the MOISSAC GREASY LEATHER LAST 7505 last year. what is your question?
damn, the GREY SLIP ON just closed. i thought there were several days left.....
Hi all   I need some help with sizing re Gustin sneakers.   I wear 43 in Common Projects Achiles Low , and in Buttero Tanino Low i am 42.   What should size should I get in Gustin HORWEEN CXL #8 HIGH TOP or GREY SLIP ON ?
New Posts  All Forums: