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I believe I have these. Bought them at the local store a week ago. Quality is decent, but nothing to write home about. It is not Carmina by any strech of imagination, but then neither is the price and it is my casual shoe to be worn with chino's and jeans and casual pants.
Thank you. I have a couple other stupid questions. Does anyone have experience with Ridgeway in the snow/slush weather. My current winter boots (Tod's) have aggressive commando style rubber sole (which is absolutely needed in Canadian winters) however the downside is that it causes the wet slush to splash on the back of my pants upto the knee level. I don't believe it is due to my walking but rather due to the pattern on the bottome of the sole. I just want to make sure...
I can be tempted into this MTO. Just need a few more details on the boot. Is only the top of the boot in scotch grain? Does Meermin's Dainite sole looks similar to EG's?Thanks
Awesome purchase. Did you get them directly from Cappelli or online retailer ? 
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