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Trying to revive old thread. Any recommendations on sizing in Buttero carrera vs Buttero Tanino. I heard somewhere that there is no need to size down in carrera as it is TTS. Anyone can confirm this?
@palodelincak. This issue goes away after break-in period. However not all of my Meermin shoes had this problem initially
Without knowing what you bought, hard to say exactly, but roughly 28-33% (typically 18% duty + 5-15% GST/HST/QST depending on province plus handling fee $10-15 plus GST/HST/QST on handling fee) of the value in CAD according to Canada post exchange rate.
Looks pretty amazing. The width of the lapels the high gorge, the 3roll2, and what appears the most appealing to me is that there is plenty of room in the shoulders and in the sleeves
Orazio Luciano?
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