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Are you sure this a Euro 52? The picture of the label says Euro 50 R6
  Couple questions:Did SL drop 8 had sufficient room in the upper sleeves and width in shoulders or were they tighter and shorter than drop 7? I can do waist suppression of Drop 8, but tight upper sleeves are usually a deal breaker for me. Is there any visual clues to identifying Drop 7 vs Drop 8 Stile Latino based on Yoox pictures/ decription.
In your experience were all Stile Latino jackets and suits on Yoox drop 8?
In atrocious in quality or in pattern/style?
There are a bunch: Isaia, Kiton, Stile Latino, Sartorio, Massimo Bizzocchi
 Dreambox now is allowing to see the product page for sold out items .... Seems that Yoox is listening to my concerns....
 Thank you for sharing! very insightful, and much appreciated. Would you be able to share similar wisdom regarding some other brands sold on Yoox or perhaps just a short list of quality "SF approved" brands. I don't mean exhaustive list, but something that maybe off the beaten path, i.e. not Zegna, Kiton, Isaia. Thanks. For example I have been particularly impressed with the quality of Dalmine knitwear, which has hardly ever been brought up here on SF.
 yes, they are, but only for promos that include Clearance (about 3-4 times a year), unless they are sold out beforehand
This is off-topic, but we are better than GB. No need for Brexit here. We just signed the CETA agreement just need to ratify it.
Thank you very much. Really appreciate it, especially coming from someone as distinguished on the forum as you. I will check out Moorer.  Obviously i have seen Isaia and Cuccienelli on Yoox, but found it rarely available in my size once the real price drops happen. I have seen some nice Esemplare pieces, similar to the A-1 blouson carried by NMWA. I have a mixed feeling on Aspesi though, first there are virtually a zillion cuts, second, although the materials they use are...
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