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Awesome purchase. Did you get them directly from Cappelli or online retailer ? 
 very nice project. I would steer towards velvet slippers for shoes as the even sounds more like family fun day not queen's reception.Re: shirt, In my opinion to find the right balance need to conside the width of the shoulders and the cut of the lapels of the dinner/tux jacket. For some guys the winged collar works better for others it doesn't
You need to post a picture where at least one button is buttoned and you are not blocking the torso with your hand and phone AND wearing proper shoes. My overall observations, and many already mentioned this Jacket is a bit too long, needs to be shortened by at least 1 inch, maybe more. Jacket sleeve is a bit short Jacket waist is hard to tell as your don't have it buttoned, but potentially waist needs to be taken in slightly Pants are currently too short, need to be let...
Sorry to hear that you had bad experience.Where is Atelier Tailleur Mark located? is this the same place as HPadar? I have been going to Alterations Paul and although not the cheapest but quality wise is excellent and he takes you through the process of what needs to be done and how he will do it before, so that there are no surprises later on. 
ok, guys. who picked up the last brown penny loafer (Rain last) at TSM in my size? .... Please return back so I can buy it ...
Looks very nice. Was this an MTO or purchased directly from Meermin's website? 
Not only unlikely but I would go as far as saying it is outside the realm of possbilities. Just the mere fact that someone hangs around the traders (or trading floor) does not give someone a chance to be considered or interviewed for the role of the trader. Also remember, most of the time it is not the traders that hire other trader but MD, ED, VP in supervisory roles (i.e Head of Trading) and these people very often sit in the office (albeit probably close to the trading...
I love those George Cleverley suede loafers. Where can I kop.
Amazing. Would you mind what Harris Tweed cloth # this is. And how many meters would one need for lets say 42R?
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