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The two photos you showed are absolutely horrendous. The neckwear is atrocious. If you are going to wear a cutaway dress collar, make sure you do the following, or you will look stupid. Make sure the collar fits snugly. Tie a 4 in hand knot, with a dimple. Wen done correctly, the tie should arch out from the collar, not hang limply from it. If you want to dress better, choose your models with with more care, and learn how to do it correctly.
This "gentleman" is a complete JACKASS. Just another example of the fine education system we have in this country. Good luck finding a job after you flunk out of Law School. You will probably be lucky to find a job folding tshirts at Hollister.
Who else thinks the following "styles" look absolutely foolish. Always wearing a dress shirt untucked with trousers or jeans. Wearing a sweater over an untucked dress shirt. Wearing a suit or sport coat over an untucked dress shirt. Why do we always have to go to the lowest common denominator? Can any one honestly say that any of the above "styles"' look appropriate on any one older than a 3 year old child who does not know any better.
You seem to be obsessed with MontBlanc. The ones you have chosen to show in your photograph are low end starter pens. You mention that you like a MontBlanc, because it is easily identified by people, making it easy to start a conversation. Anyone who would start a conversation with a stranger, regarding a basic MontBlanc pen, obviously does not know much about fine pens. If you want to start a real conversation, try buying limited edition Michel Perchin, David...
You do not have a clue what you are talking about. The shoulders are fine, sleeve length looks good,as does The length of the jacket.
Horrible fit. Waste of money. Try again
There are 3 main problems. The jacket is way to short. Sleeves are to short, and you may not have enough material to let out to the correct length. The button stance is to high. It looks very awkward.. Overall this jacket does not look good on you. Look for a correct fitting garment, rather than trying to tailor this garment. You will waste your money, and still not like the end result.
I think you need to have someone explain the difference between stating a Fact vs Opinion.
Be sure that you get a shirt where the closure is held together with a small brass stud. This version will make the tie stand out from the collar much better than the button, or snap version. You will also not have the usual problems with  laundering, (smashed or missing tab button or destroyed metal snap ring) Unfortunately, to get the brass tab type collar, you will have to go bespoke. In the long run, you will be much happier.
Sorry to disagree. I am 6ft 3 inches, 200 lbs, athletic, and I think plain front trousers look ridiculous, when compared to a well fitting pleated trouser. A flat front trouser does not drape nearly as well. I believe you also meant to say that pleated trousers should be worn at the "natural waist", not high on the waist.
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