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The chino pant with 2 forward pleats is a timeless classic pant. Anyone who says this style of trouser is out of style, is just plain ignorant.
For someone who claims to be such a "stylish"dresser, your lack of knowledge Regarding tank watches is utterly appalling. Shame on you for wasting everyone's time.
Excellent example of a guy that looks ridiculous
Who else thinks that wearing a suit without a tie is just wrong. It may be the current "fashion", but it shows a definite lack of style. The majority of people wear a shirt unbuttoned, and it just falls under the jacket Lapels and looks sloppy. I guess people have no idea how stupid they really look. Your thoughts.
Anyone who would pay this CLOWN needs to have his head examined!!!!
How many forum members like to wear bright color socks with their suits and sports coats. I personally like to match my socks to either my tie, or dress shirt. Example would be wearing a double-breasted navy blazer, white linen pocket square,blue Bengal strpe shirt with white Collar and cuffs, yellow/ burgundy/ navy paisley tie, charcoal gray forward pleated slacks, Pink OTC sea island cotton socks, and chocolate snuff suede loafers. What other examples can other...
People telling you this suit only needs minor alterations to look better are lying to you. Your suit jacket is way to short. This looks horrible, and there is no alteration that will fix this. The gorge of the suit is way to high, and looks bad. Your sleeves are currently two different lengths, but should still be shorter to show equal cuff. The suit jacket is to small for you in the shoulders, and this just makes your collar roll worse. Even though you do not show the fit...
The solution to your problem is really quite simple. Have your trousers made with 2 forward facing pleats, instead of reverse pleats. Wear your trousers correctly. This means at the natural waist. The higher rise will get rid of the billowing. Notice in the pictures where the waist is. IT IS HIGH.
Overall, this not a good fit. Sleeve pitch need correction. Sleeve length is too long. Jacket length is to short. Too much waist suppression, looks bad. View from back is horrible. FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO BUY MTM FROM.
Not surprising, because 99% of the men in L A dress like DOUCHEBAGS!!!!
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