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How refreshing to see your illuminating post. Get a life!!!!
It has been very interesting to see the responses from all of the Style Forum members.   Let me be clear what I was referring to, when I started the "Slim Suit" thread.   To me, this style suit has the following characteristics:        1. Very narrow lapels      2. A substantially shorter jacket      3. A high buttoning point      4.Jacket fitted so tightly their is extreme pulling , and the front quarters open hideously      5. Trousers with an...
How many Style Forum members think that the "slim fit suit" looks ridiculous. Jacket is to short, pants are too tight, and worn way to low . The button point of the jacket is much to high. There is nothing stylish about this monstrosity which has been foisted upon Individuals who have absolutely no sense of classic men's style. Men wearing this abomination are like an extremely fat woman wearing a short skintight dress. Looks absolutely horrible. Feel sorry for you...
HA HA HA...Sorry man, when you learn the DIFFERENCE between FASHIONand STYLE, we can have an adult conversation.In the meantime, remember YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID.In case you are wondering, this means YOU.
There is fashion, and then there is styleI guess we know where your compass points.Remember--YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID
NEVER wear a suit without wearing a tie. Regardless of what isfashionable, you will look look like a fool, by people in the know. There are rules to dressing stylishly, and it is best to learn them now. Remember--YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID.
You would be better with a small foulard print or paisley tie that compliments the color Strpes of the shirt. If you really prefer a stripe, get a bar stripe that gives you more contrast. Your current choice is weak
The chino pant with 2 forward pleats is a timeless classic pant. Anyone who says this style of trouser is out of style, is just plain ignorant.
For someone who claims to be such a "stylish"dresser, your lack of knowledge Regarding tank watches is utterly appalling. Shame on you for wasting everyone's time.
Excellent example of a guy that looks ridiculous
New Posts  All Forums: