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Definitely wear a pocket square. Your necktie should be a small pattern woven silk, not printed. Background colors dark purple, burgundy, or deep orange. Dress like you own the place, you will not regret it.
Jacket is way to short. Do your self a favor and return this item ASAP
You a complete jackass for making your statement.
I am amazed at the amount of people who think that Brooks Brothers quality is high... The merchandise they sell today is no where close to the quality of 30 years ago. When Southwick bought them, there quality became crap... People old enough to remember the old Southwick suits, also see a remarkable drop in quality. Who else agrees? All thoughts are welcome.
Without a doubt, these are some of the worst examples of how to put a dimple in a tie.. Surely someone can post a correctly tied tie. The most atrocious ones are the photos of half Windsors, Pratt, and Shelby knots. Do you not know how to put in a dimple correctly, or just do not know any better?
Why is there such a preponderance of solid color ties worn with suits and sports coats on this forum? This seem to be tthe case with both solid and patterned dress shirts. There are so many beautiful printed and woven foulard patterns, and also exquisite printed paisley ties. These ties add so much more depth and polish to any outfit when done correctly. Is it because so many men do not understand how to coordinate there ensembles correctly? Your thoughts please.
I strongly disagree. Trousers with forward pleats that fit correctly will certainly be more flattering Than a plain front pant. The problem that most of the posters on this forum who denigrate the look and fit Of a pant with forward pleats, have never seen or worn a pair that fits correctly. Most people only see RTW pants with reverse pleats which are hideous. The rare RTW forward pleated trouser in the marketplace generally has shallow pleats that open up, and have too...
You need to have a button added to your back right pocket. The besom pocket will not lay flat after repeated dry-cleaning. Have onseam front pockets for a cleaner, and more classic appearance. Do not taper your pant legs anymore. This current skinny pant rage will soon fade, plus it looks horrible You might consider a watch pocket for the pant front Highly recommend 2 Forward Pleats on your trouser. This style pleat is more difficult to get right, but when done...
Absolutely purchase them. Wear them with a double-breasted navy blazer for a classic timeless look.
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