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There are quite a few threads about how to dress for work. What happened to dressing as a professional, and not worrying about what people think? I am in sales and marketing, and wear only bespoke 6 x 2 DoubleBreasted suits everyday. This is accompanied by French Cuff dress shirts with tab collars, cufflinks, and pocket squares. On a weekly basis, I see people who dress the same as myself, along with people in the Entertainment Industry who wear nothing but jeans,...
There are several issues you need to address. Your collar is not a true cutaway. It needs to have a larger spacing where it comes together. Your tie will then fill up the open space, without the collar forcing it down, eliminating the arch you desire. To create an arch, your FIH knot must be tied very tightly, with a correctly positioned dimple. You have a loose knot, and it looks terrible. I would suggest that you have a tab collar shirt made, with french cuffs. This...
To get a proper drape on trousers: Wear your trousers at your natural waist--requires a higher rise Your trousers should be wide enough to hang straight down gracefully Do not taper your trouser legs as much-- causes the twisting Because your leg opening os smaller, you need to shorten them--no break, just kissing the top of shoe Cuff the trouser for added weight to help them drape correctly The slim cut pant will soon disappear, but a fuller cut trouser done correctly...
Sounds like somebody needs to get a life
If you believe that a jacket should pull at the waist button, you are a Fool. Learn how to dress correctly, before making IGNORANT comments.
This jacket is too small for you. The lapels are already starting to bow. The jacket is already starting to pull at the waist button. You are only wearing a tee shirt underneath it, and these problems will only get worse with a dress shirt. Return it, and get a proper fitting jacket.
Jacket is too short. Shoulders are too wide. Sleeve pitch is wrong. Front quarters are too closed Back is a complete mess. Too loose across shoulders, and too tight at waist. Trouser fit ls bad. They wrinkle all the way down, and have no drape. Length of trouser is way too long. Need cuffs on trousers. Lastly, BURN THOSE SHOES
Always cuff your trousers. Trousers have an unfinished and cheap look without them. The only exception is formal wear.
Your suit jacket is way to short. It is amazing that you could not figure this out on your own. This is the reason why the buttoning point and overall silhouette looks horrible.
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