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You did nothing wrong by being very specific in what you were looking for. Unfortunately today, there are are too many companies that always look for the easy way out...your request is to difficult or out of the ordinary. There used to be a time when most small independent companies would cater to unusual requests, and price the service accordingly. Today one has to look long and hard to find a quality dry cleanerr, shirt laundry, or capable tailor. Companies can...
There is nothing special about the shirt collar you posted a picture of. It appears to be a semi-spread collar. Assuming you are not wearing a cheaply made shirt, and it is 100% high quality cotton, it is not difficult to get the results you want. To make it wrap around the neck, and stand up, do the following: Make sure the shirt has been professionally laundered with heavy starch. Use only high quality metal collar stays When you first put the shirt on, button the...
Neither one of those sweaters really fit you. Why are you pullig them down like a girl would wear a tight T-shirt. Find a sweater where the sleeves are long enough to properly roll the cuffs. The length should be long enough to hit your natural waist and be rolled over. Stop obsessing about a tight fit, and get a proper fit.
You should just start over. The shoulders are boxy, and too large. Button point is way to high. Sleeve length too long. Jacket length to short. Vest appears too large overall. Pants appear baggy, with no real discernible shape. Crotch is too long. Pant length way too long. Throw this disaster away ASAP
Check out Robert Lim in KoreaTown. He is related to Richard Lim at High Society, but has his own shop. His bespoke work is exceptional, and his pricing is much more competitive than Richards. Believe me, you will not be disappointed.
Where did you purchase these? They are definitely FAKE
Great fit if you aspire to look like PEE.WEE HERMAN.
Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, Looks like somebody needs to get their little diaper changed
Hello Flying Monkey. LOL You are exactly the type of person I was referring to in my OP. May I suggest you educate yourself, before you show your ignorance again in another post!!!
Who else would like to see serious discussions regarding Classic Clothing on this site? There seems to be this never-ending drivel about fashion forward slimfit suits and shirts from Banana Republic and J Crew.. Are these posters completely unaware that these lines are at the bottom of the heap regarding quality. Also, does anyone really believe they are going to get a quality bespoke suit from Asia for $500? Quality clothing is a serious investment, and these inane...
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