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You should just start over. The shoulders are boxy, and too large. Button point is way to high. Sleeve length too long. Jacket length to short. Vest appears too large overall. Pants appear baggy, with no real discernible shape. Crotch is too long. Pant length way too long. Throw this disaster away ASAP
Check out Robert Lim in KoreaTown. He is related to Richard Lim at High Society, but has his own shop. His bespoke work is exceptional, and his pricing is much more competitive than Richards. Believe me, you will not be disappointed.
Where did you purchase these? They are definitely FAKE
Great fit if you aspire to look like PEE.WEE HERMAN.
Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, Looks like somebody needs to get their little diaper changed
Hello Flying Monkey. LOL You are exactly the type of person I was referring to in my OP. May I suggest you educate yourself, before you show your ignorance again in another post!!!
Who else would like to see serious discussions regarding Classic Clothing on this site? There seems to be this never-ending drivel about fashion forward slimfit suits and shirts from Banana Republic and J Crew.. Are these posters completely unaware that these lines are at the bottom of the heap regarding quality. Also, does anyone really believe they are going to get a quality bespoke suit from Asia for $500? Quality clothing is a serious investment, and these inane...
There are quite a few threads about how to dress for work. What happened to dressing as a professional, and not worrying about what people think? I am in sales and marketing, and wear only bespoke 6 x 2 DoubleBreasted suits everyday. This is accompanied by French Cuff dress shirts with tab collars, cufflinks, and pocket squares. On a weekly basis, I see people who dress the same as myself, along with people in the Entertainment Industry who wear nothing but jeans,...
There are several issues you need to address. Your collar is not a true cutaway. It needs to have a larger spacing where it comes together. Your tie will then fill up the open space, without the collar forcing it down, eliminating the arch you desire. To create an arch, your FIH knot must be tied very tightly, with a correctly positioned dimple. You have a loose knot, and it looks terrible. I would suggest that you have a tab collar shirt made, with french cuffs. This...
New Posts  All Forums: