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how do you define quirky? bold accessories or strange patterns?
I prefer without the tassels with khaki or lighter shade of trousers.
you should be able to wear them comfortab;y just past your thumb, in excess of that would just look silly in my opinion.
you can go with the nvy suit, white dress shirt
that's why the trench is a classic, it stood the test of time because of its defining features if you alter it, it shouldn't be called a trench anymore.
Velvet looks great now especially during the holidays and winter seasons but not exactly practical year-round. And the midnight blue one and black are classy.  
justin bieber with vest & jeans = not a great idea then again he's wearing for a tv appearance, it's more a costume for him than a sartorial option.
A highly skilled tailor should be able to do the trick. But to avoid major alterations in the future, it is best to get yourself properly measured so you get the exact fit.
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