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this is more like a casual attire than anything.
I'd go for the charcoal overcoat as well, it looks classy and really goes well with most colors
shouldn't solids be the first choice when getting your first bespoke suit? just to be safe, then if you like the quality of the suit and how it was made then later add a few patterns in.
what's your price range for cropped shirts?
It looks to me you should consider custom tailoring - if yyou can't find the particular color/fabric in retail stores.
it looks tacky to me.
I'd usually go back to the first store where I saw the item. I guess it helps to take note of the item # for them to check on it faster. Just a thought.
  Most guys probably don't like the white sole, but I'm really liking this one.
just stay away from the super low rise hip hop jeans.
the fred v wings look might good. th white soles give them that cool factor i think.
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