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For what occasion will you be using this? I'd stick to the classic tux if I were you.
I'd usually try them out and purchase a couple of shirts to be safe.
I'd like to think people refer to SF for practical advice on dressing well, we don't need to be rude here, if you can't offer a good advice then just don't comment at all.
I think hoodies are rather inappropriate to wear when you reach a certain age - like 40 something.
marketing ploy perhaps..there's no mention of "suits" other than the title.
An old thread gaining an audience again. I wonder what the suit looks like now.
two navy solids DB, one pinstripe
Yes Hartmarx. He's been pretty vocal about it and the navy suit has been a staple for him.
Though I'm liking the 2nd link, taxgenius does have a point. It is all about the fit.
I don't really splurge on ties, less than a $100 is fine for me.
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