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Wow interesting a $100 suit? I wonder what kind of fabric they used...
Blue works with just about everything..and of course the classic whites.
This look certainly needs a fine suit.
That shirt should be tucked.
Before embarking on the world of bespoke suits it's best to keep your weight down so you wouldn't have to keep altering the size of the suit and avoid multiple fittings.
There are differences on the buttons. For blazers you normally have metallic buttons and the fabric material for suits are more luxurious and lighter compared to the sports jackets.
Clooney always looks good in a suit plus movie star's are the only ones worthy of wearing a suit without tie, lesser mortals would just look silly.
I tried a few HF blazers over at union square and the material feels light but sadly they didn't have an available size for me there.
I'm just not comfortable purchasing used shoes.
You'll be fine. Good luck with the prom.
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