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There's something odd with the pants fit.
Why don't you go to Macy's first and look around for some nice fitting suits and dress shirts within your budget. Go for the essential suits like navy or charcoal, grey and for the office simply stay away from black suits.
  The lapels gave it away..too bad. Time to move on from here.
For a shirt on ebay, Ithink $665 is a little too much.
  That's the importance of getting the right measurements AND fitting the garment a few times to ensure everything's right. For the tailor to get it right the first fit would be great, but there are times when a couple of fittings are necessary.
Banana Republic's jackets are actually good I have a blazer that has been a staple for many years.
As long as it's a fitted one and not like the one Lebron's wearing!
  Agreed! It enhances the suit without getting washed out.
Just keep the tie solid at least.
Picking the lapel type is really up to you and what you want the important thing is the tuxedo itself should fit well.
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