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Better the Ralph Lauren
now this is classic style    
I think it's more about the man than the suit. He makes it work obviously.
green velvet, now that's an interesting sight!
It's your wedding, you can do whatever you want, bow ties for groomsmen and ties for you.
flats on most women, especially with big feet, are just unflattering.
plain dark brown shoes, can't get any versatile than that.  
It's all about wearing a suit that fits your particular body shape. A bigger bbody obviously should be stopped from wearing slim fitting clothes in the same way that thinner bodies would look better/healthier with a looser fit yet still close to the body.
it's more about what kind of fabric or cloth used rather than the weight of the iron.
  Modernizing the classic look by shortening it to the extreme would be a disaster and a very bad idea. They should just leave it alone.    
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