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I think it would be an easy transition from buying in retail to having it custom tailored since you already know what you want in your wardrobe.
shoe-shine? why pay for it, you can do it yourself.
I don't necessarily follow but occasionally I'd come across some interesting ones.
of the choices, nordstrom.
Yes to this one.
Are you sure that's your suit and they didn't mess up the order? It looks ill-fitting.
Take the waist in about an inch and wear a tie.
I think it is important to know what you want in a suit that fits your measurements and lifestyle. More often than not, if you know yourself, tailored suits, MTM are the way to go.
Clooney may not have won but that's the last thing he really needs. He already has the prize.
My thoughts are: that the shoulders are too broad and the sleeves are a bit short.
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