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Low rise would mean it sits right on the hips, anything lower than that should be avoided.
The darker the suit, the better.
Nice list.
It's a great place to learn about many things, style, news, etc.
Wow, pretty extensive list you got there. Hands down Don Draper.
Everybody's mentioning the shoulders should fit well because it's true. How can you put the blazer on you if the shoulders don't fit.
How does it feel for you? It seems ok from here.
That's a nice cavalry twill color, burgundy loafers would look good with it.
If not in China, clothes are made in vietnam, laos, and other southeast asian countries. The silly thing is, they're passing it off as high end and expensively sold to consumers.
Well you can't remodel it as a suit, so it really is just a shooting jacket.
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