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You can use plain navy tie, striped blue tie, and chocolate brown ties (for that green shirt)
  What's not to like really? I like white shirts as well there's no analyzing involved for white shirts you can wear it with anything.
A pale lavender shirt with a cream tie would be a nice combination I have to agree. But I've seen one guest at a wedding I attended to wear a light pink shirt with the cream tie. So it'll be up to you.
It's not imperative to wear slim fit pants. And you can certainly insist on a looser fit like a straight cut type, retail stores are more than happy to present you with options.
I think the brightest color I've ever worn is green during fall.
A darker shade of grey would be fine for this.
Just don't use too harsh detergents on your shirts and make sure you wash them right away and not let the stains settle for too long.
Nice eye-catching coat and of course the fedora..
Build your wardrobe with suits in solid colors, grey, navy, charcoal. A few ties, solids as well as patterned ones.
That's appropriate and just fine for the interview.
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