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I quite like that combination, and the Linen seems to lend itself to an Australian summer
Just ordered the Beaulieu in Midnight Blue antique - can't wait (Photos: Leather Soul)      
Just received my Ectons back from Edward Green where I had them re-soled/heeled.  EG did an amazing job, however, my shoes came back a different colour   They went to EG as Burnt Pine Antique and came back Dark Oak - anyone else have this experience ?   I feel like I've got a new pair of shoes even if I didn't ask for it
I think the Cleverley trunk-show was last week at Double Monk, did anyone get a chance to check out their wares ?
The Perils of Thrifting   There's a beautiful cashmere Caruso coat for sale near me at a reasonable price.  However, I know it's been in the store for 2 years, should this necessarily be an issue ??, the coat otherwise looks fine
"Three piece Fresco, Barba RTW shirt, Vanda Fine Clothing tie and Zegna pocket square" is a bit disingenuous, you forgot to mention "and a shit load of class"
I just purchased a MTO crisp white shirt from Roberto Ricetti and the quality/details is impressive.  Made in Brescia, Italy, I was surprised to find no results are provided when I searched Styleforum.  Anyone else purchased Ricetti ?  apparently Michael Schumacher is a customer FWIW   Happy to post some photos if anyone is curious.
Don't forget this excellent Link   http://www.styleforum.net/t/21179/rm-williams-boots-everything-you-wanted-to-know
They are made in Fiji, and at $145 I'm guessing the collar & cuffs are fused.  Plenty of Thomas Mason fabrics to also chose from amongst other options.    
I posted awhile back about some shirts I had made at Cecil here in Melbourne, the most recent acquisition has landed - Monti twill, MOP buttons, small cutaway - $145   Great value-for-money IMHO !       FWIW, Paul smith is leasing the Ground Level and Level 1 at 120 Collins, they like the historic nature of the building and its internal heriatge values, it will be a very impressive fit-out, Mr Smith is familiar with the site and will be at the official store...
New Posts  All Forums: