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I'll play ..... Vetiver Extraordinaire, Frederic Malle New York, Nicolai Chergui, Serge Lutens Creed, Royal Oud D'Orange Vert, Hermes l'Humaniste, Frapin Forest, Knize Jubilation XXV, Amouage Cuir, Mona di Orio Back to Black, Killian
Ovlov - give Double Monk a call !
I get my Gillie to wear them for 3 weeks for me ;-)
The GATS will sell like hot cakes !
 Looks like an advert for RM Williams 
I quite like that combination, and the Linen seems to lend itself to an Australian summer
Just ordered the Beaulieu in Midnight Blue antique - can't wait (Photos: Leather Soul)      
Just received my Ectons back from Edward Green where I had them re-soled/heeled.  EG did an amazing job, however, my shoes came back a different colour   They went to EG as Burnt Pine Antique and came back Dark Oak - anyone else have this experience ?   I feel like I've got a new pair of shoes even if I didn't ask for it
I think the Cleverley trunk-show was last week at Double Monk, did anyone get a chance to check out their wares ?
The Perils of Thrifting   There's a beautiful cashmere Caruso coat for sale near me at a reasonable price.  However, I know it's been in the store for 2 years, should this necessarily be an issue ??, the coat otherwise looks fine
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