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Sorry can't do that low.  Dropped the price to $200.
Momotaro X Blue Owl Midnight Warrior BOM005 Size 33 jeans.  They were only worn once and comes with the original tags.   Waist: 35" Rise: 10.75" Thigh: 12.25" Knee: 8.4" Inseam: 34" (originally 35", hemmed by an inch and chainstitched, I will include the hemmed cloth) Leg Opening: 7.25"   Free Shipping via USPS Priority Mail, usually takes 1-3 days in the US depending on your location.   There's absolutely nothing wrong with the jeans themselves.  I...
Huge sale on Wolverine 2nds: Addison and 1000 Miles.  Just got a pair of 1K Rusts for $150 shipped.   Use code STFD6113 for another 35% off.   Download the Sierra Trading Post iphone/android app and buy through there and you get free shipping.
If anyone needs a replacement for their Alden laces Need Supply Company has these two versions:
Got these Alden 403s from The Shoe Mart about 3-4 weeks ago and the heel is half broken off when a door slammed into the back of the heel.  I believe I can send them back to the Shoe Mart for free repair or replacement, but I don't mind paying some cash if I can just take it to a local cobbler to fix and not have these out of the rotation for 2-4 weeks.  Are Alden heels specialized in any way where it would be best to send back to the Shoe Mart or any local cobbler can...
Filson 257 bag about 1.5 years in.        
Hey guys, the heel is popped off of my Alden 403s (only 3 weeks old).  Should I just bring these to my local cobbler or send them to Alden?  Is there anything different about the Indy Boot that would require Alden to fix?          
I got my Alden Indy Boot 403s from The Shoe Mart about 3 weeks ago and they have been a wonderful shoe to wear.     However, today, the heel got dislodged after a door hit the back of my shoe and I guess with the brunt of the force on the heel.  I had to step on the heel to get it back on to where it's at now.  I'm surprised that the heel came off that easily as I thought these shoes could take a beating.     What options do you guys think I should explore?...
My Filson 257 in Brown after a little over one year of daily use.      
White's boots sale.. 3 colors available: back, tan and brown. $325:
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