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Posts by OinkBoink   They've had them for over a year now. Costco has this weird "Made in Italy" obsession lately where they feature unknown brands (like Enzo Mantovani) or Kirkland Signature products made there. At my local Costco right now they have a bunch of cashmere stuff like this:|1
  Didn't Obama institute the concept of subordinating debt below special interests with the GM/Chrysler bailouts?
A la Bieber?
  For how much?
  Do you work there?
  What if his "problem" is a small penis?
Yes, I do see attractive girls with very wealthy bald guys from time to time.
  As "that guy", the chicks will assume that you're balding, Just sayin'.
In succession, these pictures look like the guy is first looking at his penis, and then looking at the penis next to him to compare.
Isn't it a bit rude to wear a hat indoors?
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