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Can anyone post the actual measurements (shoulder, chest and waist) of a current (2013) Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fit dress shirt bought from a Brooks Brother mainline store (brick & mortar, or online)?  According to their website, they a green tag that looks like this: [[SPOILER]]    (I pulled that picture directly from here).   There's a lot of disagreement about how BB ESF actually fits and most of the discussion occurs without measurements.  I don't have any BB...
Seems like this was never really resolved too well.  Please beware that the brands I'm to mention are not paragons of high quality goods.   I know that ASOS has some slim fit shorts.  I believe they go on pretty decent sales now and then (don't pay full price).   The GAP lived in shorts are pretty slim.  They don't hug skinny legs (like mine).  For comparison, I think they're slightly more roomy through the thigh than the GAP slim lived in khakis (though...
Apparently if you email J Crew customer support, they will give you exact measurements for any piece you want. Never tried it, but that's what I've heard.
  Sure are!  TM Lewin Fully Fitted shirts are slimmer than both and typically come in below the $50 price point.  I've seen them dip as low as $30 a piece when buying around 4 or 5 depending on the sale.  Quality is similar to CT in my experience.  I've never tried BB mainline (the 346 stuff seems to be of similar quality to CT and TML).
  There was a practically identical thread posted in another forum that convinced a BR manager to stop lurking and post an offer (he literally said he was a long time lurker and that he signed up specifically to jump in on that thread and offer his codes).  That might not happen here, but then again, maybe it will.
Listen, if you don't agree with this thread and think it's damaging or wrong, go ahead and report it and let the mods decide, but please don't keep posting to ridicule me.  This thread is potentially a helpful one.  If you want to troll, please take it elsewhere.   
  Believe it or not, some employees have codes and are willing to offer them to others on forums like this; I figured I'd start a thread for that purpose.  I don't see a need for negativity, so please don't bring it here.
The Banana Republic Friends & Family event is right around the corner (next weekend IIRC): Banana Republic employees are allotted a certain amount of F&F coupon codes to distribute as they choose; all they'll need to do is enter your email into the system and it'll send you one of said codes.   Here's what the F&F coupons do: 50% off 5 regular-priced items (excluding only Mad Men); 40% off at the factory outlet, and 30% off an online order. This is info comes...
If I'm being honest, I haven't checked prices very recently, I'm just going from recollection.  The reason I mentioned those options (there are more) is because even if everything is pretty darn close on the TML, CT, Pink, whatever, something is always still a little bit off.  If a shop is duplicating a shirt you've had tailored to fit you perfectly, common sense says that it also should be perfect.  If everything else is similar, I'm thinking it may be easier just to go...
At $75 a piece, I might start looking towards MTM stuff... if time isn't a factor and you have a shirt that fits perfectly, most places will duplicate said shirt if you send it to them. Places like Modern Tailor, My Tailor, Ratio, etc come to mind. You may end up paying slightly more, but the fit would be perfect and I imagine the fabric would be in the same ballpark at that price.
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