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interior is a whole new animal in the C7, too. 
Aesthetics, prefer the smoother shape but I'd happily take the batwagon
my dream garage via internet:   Singer Porsche, pops always wanted an older one and these are stupid expensive but execution is unreal.   C6 RS6 Avant: grew up with a girl whose father worked for Audi so I always had an eye on their S/RS offerings   I know I'd need a bigger rig of some sort but I'd probably just ask Piob what he's eying
Not sure the lifestyle models are necessary, reminds me of the Ducati Scrambler social media blast.
Audi is supposedly expanding the model line and may include the RS6. I don't have nearly the money but I don't know that I could choose between that and the Sport Turismo
Not my intention with that question, but I am looking forward to thrift vader's opinion on the Lexus if he goes and sees his crush.
I have to ask if anyone on here has driven the new Lexus IS F sedans. They have some awkward design cues but I'll admit to admiring them from time to time. while we're on the topic of German luxury vs Japanese practicality, has anyone given one of these an honest try?are they that boring compared to the 3 series?
this seems like a no-brainer...they'll cover replacement for all four for a 4wd?
That lunarepic is a great looking shoe, especially in the hype/halo/all black but does the ankle sock look weird when worn?
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