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smaller lens looks even smaller with the clear frame. its a tough one to pull off but I think they look great.
ive got bigger thighs and with that a big butt, I have had both, much prefer the 30bsp since the higher rise is more...accomodating
size? color?
I've got two jackets and would get a third if I had the spare loot, even given the wait times. The jackets are classic lasting pieces, not just instant gratification shopping. I'm sorry mcsmif feels that way, hope you're more than pleased with the product.
lambo is so much lower than your average bear. the mazda probably made a glance left for a car with a typical roof line and couldn't see over other parked cars and pulled out a bit hastily. Lambo was probably driving a bit too fast, though it didnt look like asshole speeds at the time.
looks about right
BB tends to be baggier, i'd equate to bb extra slim or J crew. that shirt had a pretty relaxed, beachy feel without being a billowing mess. 
I've got to recommend this shirt. Its one of my favorites, gets heavy rotation in the summertime.
that unrealized potential tho. I should start saving for a used one...
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