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  Thanks fellas!, ended up needing a 2x and I got it straight from 3S. I'm about to check out the classroom sale though 718 Boxster S one take, great color
Gross.   My brother threw down the deposit for the 3 and quizzed me why I didnt jump on the bandwagon. I'd rather wait to see the Y and what options pricing looks like. Also, I drive a V8 SUV and he's in a prius and retrofitted electric pickup, so maybe he's a bit more forward thinking...
ass so fat
i don't get it
I am disappoint. With your talk about obsessing over the contacter I took it as you had some friends on the inside and was hoping there was something new and interesting in the design. 
@ramuman you said you'd seen the 3 right? Did you like it or was it mostly another riff on the S and X shape?
I'm so curious to drive any of the models. brother and I got my dad good and drunk and I think we had him convinced to get the 3 when it comes out. 
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