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I just bought the Honeywell Wifi enabled thermostat. not as sleek looking but a nice plain interface and love the app compatibility. 
fucking self-drivers
Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept
sure thing, I'm curious to see this one from that same collab, sure to fly out the door really quick https://instagram.com/p/zkzYTKM43_/?modal=true
http://www.woodlandsshop.com/collections/all/products/wool-overshirthttp://www.woodlandsshop.com/collections/all/products/wool-overshirt-1a couple new options up over at Woodlands shop...  
yea, based the first few comments, I had a look at some Nissans. I wasn't a huge fan of the Xterra to begin, did a quick search and everything looked like a base model, so that's a pass. The Pathfinders just look big for the sake of being big. Also, heinous. Id love a Tundra, Sequoia, or Land Cruiser but they are all a bit bigger than I really need and i can afford a used 4runner in the top trim without breaking the bank. 
I'm a construction PM driving on unfinished sites year round. I need a legit truck but don't want a pickup. I have a company gas card so mileage isn't a huge consideration. Found a used in the limited trim for a decent number. Need to just have a second set of eyes on it and pull the trigger, I think.
Has anyone on the site ever owned or currently own a 4runner? thoughts?
We had our crawlspace spray-foamed in the fall to replace sagging batt insulation installed by previous owner, it's open air so may be whole different animal but I felt it was worth the cost. PO had insulated without a vapor barrier, I don't think it was more than a few years old and it was worthless. Spray foam made the tile entryway tolerable in sock feet which is an impressive feat for this current Buffalo winter. 
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