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Not intending on buying any kind of *motorcycle.
My buddy in SF has a thruxton and loves it. I still think the Duc Sport is better looking but I'm not buying a bike. Far too many dipshits on the road to go cageless with a baby on the way.
Duc Sport Classic is it. Duc Sport Classic is it. 
the flannels available anywhere else? didnt cop the salmon XL in the first night at Snakeoil and theyre all gone there now
another jalopnik story, this thing looks like its from the stone age compared to the most of the cars discussed on here
Any chance of a CT-220 run? Can I call in an order for that salmon badboy?
Bell Bullitt with bubble lens gets my vote
I'm working on that new money, I had to google image to know what you were talking about    
interior is a whole new animal in the C7, too. 
Aesthetics, prefer the smoother shape but I'd happily take the batwagon
New Posts  All Forums: