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If van you must, I think the Odyssey in-laws couldn't bear the be without a van even though they're empty-nesters, they came out of an old Nissan quest, new one was too ugly to ever go near and they said the Honda was just a much nicer ride than the Sienna. 
I stand corrected, thanks
The BSPs are exclusive to self edge so that should be the only site that has measurements for all three styles. They'll stretch but you want to be able to get them on from the get go, any way you can get to a location to try them out?
3Sixteen CT-120x http://www.blueowl.us/collections/3sixteen/products/ct-120x-shadow-selvedge-14-5oz-selvedge-denim-classic-tapered-fit?variant=10297017217 3sixteen+ 32BSP http://www.selfedge.com/3sixteen-plus?product_id=1289 3sixteen+ 30BSP 15.5oz http://www.selfedge.com/3sixteen-plus?product_id=1017 check these cuts. all three of these have a little more room inthe thigh than the SL, CT moreso than the BSPs. top two are shadow denim and the 30BSP that's just a really nice...
I'm never a fan of silver but that color was just perfect
Pretty damn handsome IMHO
http://imgur.com/a/R5rUc A few more shots. Rear column and taillight are masked but it appears the sedan and wagon will have a rear end like the Macan. Very close to the Sport Turismo concept save for the branding strip that they used on 718.
Porsche Panamera wagon test mule spied. http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2016/02/porsche-is-building-a-station-wagon.html
I took my time looking over size charts this afternoon from jcrew, Gustin and Taylor Stitch and ended up gong with an XXL so you're advice validates the choice and I appreciate your post. Thanks very much,Mike
Exactly my thoughts. Is the consensus to size up in shirting? I'm definitely not going for slim. I'm pretty exclusively XL in Gitman, J Crew.
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