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I am disappoint. With your talk about obsessing over the contacter I took it as you had some friends on the inside and was hoping there was something new and interesting in the design. 
@ramuman you said you'd seen the 3 right? Did you like it or was it mostly another riff on the S and X shape?
I'm so curious to drive any of the models. brother and I got my dad good and drunk and I think we had him convinced to get the 3 when it comes out. 
Thanks for posting, that'll be my reading later tonight. I'd like to see a portfolio of his properties.  "A collection this big takes a lot of management, not least the dispersal between homes in New York State, Montauk, Colorado and Jamaica." http://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/ralph-lauren-colorado-ranch-slideshow#1 http://www.beautifullyseaside.com/2011/06/island-elegance-ralph-laurens-jamaican.html Now he's got me thinking of how I'd curate cars with my...
http://www.vanityfair.com/style/photos/2011/01/ralph-lauren-garage-slide-show-201101#19 Now I'm really interested in that RL auto collection book. It's funny to compare Leno's and Lauren's collections, though. They both have a undeniable passion for the history's for their cars but RL seems to put more weight in the pedigree and perfect examples of turning points in auto design whereas Leno enjoys the oddities and the individual stories and patina. Man, I'd love to walk...
I'm curious if he's downsizing or just making room for new additions, dat R etc. a couple favorites 
Is this signaling Porsche reaching peak hype?
finally got tracking for this bad boy. Curious to see my first Gustin item.
I wanted the greys bad but slept on em
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