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olive or tan stadium jacket?
i gotta put the fur collar back on my A2
if XC90 was in the running, is a Q7 up for consideration?
great jacket
No it really wasn't. We worked on it for six months before we moved in. Underpriced place on a really nice street downtown, for sale by owner so we jumped on it . Everything I want to do from here out, other than the AC and that pier, is more aesthetic and personal choice than anything else.
We re-did our kitchen, all of the really bad windows, floors, paint and electric when we moved in but still a few things, yeah...   - Install Central Air so pregnant wife doesn't lose her shit come summertime (due in July) - Paint & furnish nursery - Resurface old tub - Remove and re-pour rotten pier under pantry - Insulate, new windows, frame new bathroom wall, plumb, electric, drywall, tile, paint & carpet attic master suite - Patch foundation interior - Gut...
GF, you test drive it?
Per Jalopnik, "It’s basically the new S90 in terms of specs, but with a bigger boot. Choose between a 400 horsepower all-wheel drive hybrid or a 316 HP gas version with optional all-wheel drive, you get the nicest seats in the business either way."
2017 V90 - following in suit with the new XC90 is pretty handsome, I wonder if they'll give it some proper power.
  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPmK1O1g8Tk nice walkthrough/comparo with the XC90, LR Disco and Q7. Q7 seemed to have the smallest 3rd row of the three SUVs and isnt all that handsome but the rest of the interior and ride seem to win out.
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