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Oh, didnt even look for it as I didnt think that was in the realm of possibility
cant speak for metcons specifically but I run with the Pegasus and err to the larger size with all my Nikes
great looking car, reminds me of a guy I saw on the way to Newburyport last month; older, well dressed fella on the highway home from work in his 90's SL and just having a hell of a day 
Solid intel, XXL it is
whats the tee sizing like? I'm an XL in most all brands but a XXL classic for the button downs
still waiting on press photos of the wagon but this looks like a step in the right direction.  
it was like that chasing down my 4runner. I must have been late to call on 3 or 4 before I got mine and most of them went to folks who put a deposit down over the phone.
I this is how it went when I was hunting down a 4runner, I must have missed 3 or 4 that went to folks that put down a deposit without seeing the truck.
porsche 718 not getting great response     MB E-AMG wagon looks good tho
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