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I went true to size with the Dri Fit Touch and they fit well
I'd say size up on the tech fleece but give a try to the dri-fit touch pants. cheaper since there are fewer details, a little lighter and softer than the tech fleece. http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/dri-fit-touch-fleece-training-pants/pid-10300194/pgid-1569460
why is he so angry today? haha
Can these lane assist and random sensors be turned off at some point in the cars later life without major drama?
both the pants and shorts were instant favorites...thanks for reminding me about these
I'd forgotten I even asked about these, thanks for the reply. Just picked up a pair of the shorts and the pants to try out
Kind of ridiculous and yet...got my attention. wife wouldnt go for the sneaks but may snag the tank for her  
  I've got the CT and the BSPs. 38" waist 13" thigh. I love both cuts. CTs for work as they provide a little more freedom. BSPs for "dress" if you will.
Was leaning away from jets so thanks for validating the opinion. Looks sharp @chrisgold and the wand seems like a smart purchase.
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