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This is baseball jacket round 2 for me as TOJ was not offering any bigger than a 54, in stubbornness I ordered it anyway. Lo and behold it wasn't  quite big enough and I had to let it go on B&S. Well 6, 8, whatever odd months later after multiple polite requests and inquiries, Charly was good enough to put together a 56 for me and it fits like a fucking glove. The suede seems to be a bit thinner this go round but the change is for the better, last iteration felt a...
sl 120s in a 38 still available anywhere? new run coming soon?
http://www.tannergoods.com/collections/canine Tanner makes high quality stuff, i have a wallet of theirs
anyone's ideas here hit a note?
seriously dude? 
Mcnairy x BBC bee line made something close to what I was hoping to come up with in a herringbone varsity but then they went and added these over the top gold sleeves...whiskey or navy leather sleeves would be an instant classic in my mind
hahah this guy is slaying ladies with that glare, i would definitely like to see TOJ take a stab at this, or at least selling a contrast collar for my A2 that color. B3 is a bold statement for sure, done right it is downright badass ...but done wrong...   [[SPOILER]] MA-1, always i'd like a fishtail or mountain parka too
yep. they may be back but no plans in stone.
A friend just got one, was able to steal a ride in his DB9 and now he's picked up a Z8; the guy has taste. Ill have to offer to car-sit for him.
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