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TOJ MA-1 came up on tumblr this morning, hoping that TOYO project comes to fruition
no Q3s in the states but I've sat in the Tiguan which I think is its less refined cousin; they're not big inside but still comfortable for me at 6'1". I've seen one or two Evoques around new england  and they look nice on the road but havn't stopped in a dealer to actually sit in it and poke buttons etc. will let you all know when I do 
  haha, my girl isn't blonde but it would be hers and I'd drive it now and again, just curious if its horrendous on gas like some of its sibling models and if its terribly small in the drivers seat. 
Not my auction but I stumbled on a sz 40 deck jacket for $600 currently on eBay in case anyones looking
Anyone had the chance to poke around the evoque?
trolls are the worst, manuals are great but not for hours in traffic.
I'd drive a standard but commuting with a manual would just give me nightmares, leg pains, and motion sickness for my passengers. I dream of not needing a car for the daily commute but owning something simply for the fun of it. a nice classic shelby or old 911, a little gti or something to rip around in or a topless jeep/bronco/FJ,
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