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not saying sports SUVs and to a slightly lesser point aren't impractical, but aren't all sports cars?
utility + fun + DAT ASS. whats not to get? i prefer some people dont get it, anyway. 
Honestly doesnt look like they added much int space, if you're gonna make a wagon, you should give it that proper third window and let the Internet exclaim "DAT ASS". First impression is they held too close to the sportback lines but perhaps theyre after the Porsche Panamera aesthetic, didn't and still don't love the looks of that but it's growing on me
Smiling in agreement
that same blog posted this just the day before, 912 with a STI transplant, sacrilege perhaps but sounds and looks great
yes, saw a red one like this at work wednesday and stopped mid-sentence in a meeting as it drove by...i love the idea of Singer, though they take it to the extreme. Keeping that classic styling but updated inside out so it can be not just a daily driver but a daily performance driver, that little white one you posted would do just fine
http://motoringconbrio.com/2012/06/29/reader-contribution-9/ Can't upload pics with the iPad...but if I could own a 356 or older 911 like one from this shoot I'd die a happy man
. I'll agree on the over-styled notion, but these guys are great businessmen/ad men, there's no denying that; I feel their stock skyrocketed over the past year. I haven't yet to try out their gear but have been tempted, the pieces are well presented online. Sidebar, I'm really surprised coffee shops aren't in more stores, especially pharmacies where people could really use something to pass the time as the wait. Again smart businessmen,whatever the quality of the clothes
http://www.mohawkgeneralstore.net/designers/83-gitman-brothers-vintage not a great many left but a few on sale, grabbed the last dobby stripe for 105$
i picked up the jcrew/W&B Sawtooth jacket at a laughable $60 off ebay but I just wish it were that EB/NC Geddes anytime I put it on. Don't get me wrong its a pretty impressive jacket in its own right and i got it at a steal but its no Cabourn. More pics of it when you get the chance please.
New Posts  All Forums: