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trolls are the worst, manuals are great but not for hours in traffic.
I'd drive a standard but commuting with a manual would just give me nightmares, leg pains, and motion sickness for my passengers. I dream of not needing a car for the daily commute but owning something simply for the fun of it. a nice classic shelby or old 911, a little gti or something to rip around in or a topless jeep/bronco/FJ,
Seeing supercars like that in big cities makes me sad, like looking at big cats in the zoo, beautiful babies need to be able to run free
Brown lamb, ordered on the last day so I thought maybe there was time. Emailed Charly from the bar when i ordered it. Not hurting for money but didnt think it thru really, just an excited, couple drinks into the night, "what the hell why not" purchase. Not canceling.
Ditto, was thinking about asking Charly to cancel the A2 but I'm gonna crowd source some peer pressure here, I should let it ride right?
valid, i worry about my girl's driving anxiety in her little mazda3, gotta get her out of that thing asap, she wants something bigger but I dont want to have her be the typical little american wifey in the  big SUV and she refuses the thought of a wagon...the crossover thing is a fad but kind of perfect, i like the Tiguan, Q5, X3 for her but she's always taking long looks at the lexus RX
haha thats not a bad problem to have 
needs an airplane fit
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