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If the toj1 liner choices gave them headaches, I don't think custom liners across the board would ever be feasible. That flower liner is awesome, though, as is the oxford liner in the bball, Love when the liner adds character to a piece rather than being just an afterthought.
This thread is dead
wow, alot of shitting on OL going on, hope my order goes through alright, they just released the last round of summer items, picked this up this morning. A little out there but i like it.
i always assumed the airbag setup involved a good deal of extra weight, am i wrong? those allroads sure look like pigs, but id still love one
Great camaro, truck is too big for me but the water gun would be great fun in Dealing with tailgaters. I dont think it's an option on the phaeton.
yeah they made a couple changes to some problem areas, bad cam follower, switched timing belt for timing chain. Dealer I bought from didnt even know about the change which had been made mid model year me: "does this have the fsi or the tsi they began using from 2008.5?" dealer: "......uh"
I've got a passat with the 2.0tsi, which came after the 2.0fsi and 1.8t, so theyve have a few chances to improve on it and is built into so many VAG models Im confident itll hold up as long as I care to keep it
Test drove the new touareg while my car was in for service, don't have experience with other new SUVs other than the new explorer for comparison but it drove incredibly, very agile for it size. That new RNS 510(maybe 550?) Was great as well.
New audi interface includes a small touchpad at the center console where you can draw letters with your fingertip, i think thats a nice way to get around the key board, especially given that it uses Google search tools to finish words, phrases. better than a qwerty pad for such uses IMHO
same here, i really think the HHR was designed by some guy who wouldn't retire til they let him design something, GM creates some really terrible cars, not all but vast majority Has anybody driven any of the new Fords? i admire what they're going for revamping design and interior but the Ford Sync is a complete disaster. Delayed response, cumbersome user interface, pretty disappointing. First generation attempt to be expected though perhaps. 
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