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I wish that A5 sedan was available in states, tough choice, a little sportier or a little classier. I drive a 2008 passat which I believe is about the same size as the a5 sedan, comfortable with four adults and I'm 6'1", a7 is bigger but comes off as more elegant and Luxe I think
normal as in not the AMG? is the only other option the 550 i think? twin turbo v-8 (402 ho 453 ftlbs) to the A7s supercharged V6 (310hp, 325 ft lb) so MB wins that match; but in turn A7 gets better milage, depends on your priorities. Each is filled to the gills with new electronics i won't even pretend to know about. At that level of new luxury the only way to decide is to take them both out and feel out the controls and dynamics.    gran coupe is very good looking,...
its a big car in a daunting sense but the lines on it gorgeous, always rubbernecking when i see these which is less often then i expected when they came, still seing more of the new A8s, at least in New England where I am.   looks alot more subdued juxtaposed to its competitors, picking one of the three would be hard if they were all three lined up like this
Quote: this answers my question though, which was more aimed at why an enthusiast (Jet) would call the 1M an impostor   is it odd, or maybe just disappointing that BMW doesnt make a supercar for so long? I really drooled over this M1 design concept a couple years back but I dont think it was even done by a BMW design team; upcoming i8 leaves something to be desired in the looks department...  
Whys the 1M not an M
that 135 looks like such a fun little ripper
This is as fruitless as political or religious debate, I get the appeal of having a sports car be just a two seated little rocketship but prefer having a Swiss army knife for a car that could pull off everything. My fiancé hates wagons bc she just sees them as boring family carriers but at the same time wants a Lexus rx...Greenfrog is probably among the majority of people, at least Americans(not meant as an insult,I'm American), that thinks wagons just look too bulbous; a...
I meant impractical only In the power and girth in the respect that the X6 is impractical and thirsty, wagons are not the same animal
not saying sports SUVs and to a slightly lesser point aren't impractical, but aren't all sports cars?
utility + fun + DAT ASS. whats not to get? i prefer some people dont get it, anyway. 
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