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Too much, too much.
Fuuuu, was planning on black lamb rib collar Cwu45 or ma1 but now want grey suede diamond bcdr...
Break ins blow, sorry to see you got hit. My friend's Jeep was torched in Allston over the summer, they told him "if he does it again, we'll definitely catch him," eight more cars got torched in the same neighborhood and they never caught anybody, as stupid as robbers/arsonists may be, a complacent police force can still drop the ball.
Is the 30bsp cut like the sl in the seat? Thigh measurements looked larger but it had a lower rise measurement. More room in the leg would be great but would need as much or more room in the seat
One button up? That's not smug, that's just not getting it.
is asking for a rib collar cwu45 to be made with digi camo lining considered heresy? I suppose it wouldn't do justice to how soft the leather is...dont get all "youre a simpleton"im just thinking into the key board.   bobsagets excited face is an extra nudge but i might set aside my wanting a cwu45 for a lamb ma1. I will need a black leather...
280 for the floral at unionmade, woof
yea, saw the two i wanted in my size and put them in my basket, then saw they were even higher than the inflated price...with the SNS sweater I had put in my cart I was at $800+ with three items. decided against the purchase.
looks good from this angle but in the profile the sloped back is just too long, really hope they go through with the sport turismo concept
I was mulling over the idea of a black 4zip or cwu but would love to see more of this. Is this a sample of yours or just something you saw while doing research?
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