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New audi interface includes a small touchpad at the center console where you can draw letters with your fingertip, i think thats a nice way to get around the key board, especially given that it uses Google search tools to finish words, phrases. better than a qwerty pad for such uses IMHO
same here, i really think the HHR was designed by some guy who wouldn't retire til they let him design something, GM creates some really terrible cars, not all but vast majority Has anybody driven any of the new Fords? i admire what they're going for revamping design and interior but the Ford Sync is a complete disaster. Delayed response, cumbersome user interface, pretty disappointing. First generation attempt to be expected though perhaps. 
r63 amg? van space, sleeper. late reply sorry
Truth. I was thinking lamb a2 but I'm also about a 56 and drew wrote a post in reply to one of yours saying that might be too big for lamb (or was that just lamb suede he was preferring to)
Ive called it a dad jacket before, but I've got an aversion with collars; i can't have them loose, irks me. Thats a great jacket, tho, fit and material are perfect.
That statment was based on someone elses stated experience who returned their gitman for the epaulet, can't remember who it was, I'll see if Epaulet has a 2xl and if not I'll have to look for a Gitman XL and give that a shot, thanks guys.
Got my Epaulet pindot in today, great shirt but the XL is too small, emailed them with hopes of an xl in existence somewhere in the future....to my understanding gitmans are even smaller so thats not an option, here's hoping.
Guy near me leaves his 2012 boxster running while he goes in for starbucks in the morning, one day didn't even shut the driver side door all the way, so tempted to leave him my passat in trade and have a joyride Older fella on the highway a week ago was smoking a fat cigar in a brand new white 2013 A6, looking content as hell, couldn't help but smile and he smiled right back. Gotta respect him for getting something he was so happy with and living in it Cool stories mike
Preorders were late march but size chart wasn't up til late April and they probably fabbed/are fabbing/will fab them all together, so I'm guessing no shipping numbers til very near the cutoff...Edit for present and future tense
makes me want a c63 or rs4
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