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needs an airplane fit
hahahahaha, dont forget hemming and hawing about measurements without reason
if we're plugging white pumas, these AMQs are nice IMHO, will probably snag theseĀ 
MA-1 was boss
GreAt looking little coupe dzynr
Either will have a decent resale, had both and the accord was a definite step up, sold it at 150k mile bc I was bored of it but got decent return and it had a lot of life left in it. My dad kept out old civics and he could t go to the shop without getting multiple offers from the tuner kids.
Black t1
Ordered a brown lamb a2 from the bar, whoops, willikly be best drunk purchase
Suede Harrington is a great sleeper, navy suede a1 is a beauty too, with a deeper bank account I'd easily have 5+ TOJs, would like to hear Charles reaction to the last minue rush.
New Posts  All Forums: