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nice. would kop for work boots but $300? fuck.
Id be all over these without the sock ankle
nice wife gear via nikelab x JFS
Some GV on the union made sale right now
a nice Q5 can be had at that price, sharp little SUV IMHO and seemed to have a bit roomier cabin than the GLK
And you guys thought the last Q7 was ugly.
i thought of the Continiental GT right off the bat with that swolen rear. I think Buick did a pretty nice job with it, doubtful production will look like that though.
i like the grey. goes into production next year... no V8 though, twin turbo v6 for 600 HP http://jalopnik.com/ford-gt-this-is-it-1678893649
new Ford GT
Buick Avenir concept y
New Posts  All Forums: