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a couple summers ago I was That's great they were helpful about it. I was doing a brutal commute from Boston to Hartford a couple summers ago while they were milling stretches of the 90. Daily driving hours at highway speed on fresh milled asphalt fucked up alignment and wear all summer. 
  Thanks fellas!, ended up needing a 2x and I got it straight from 3S. I'm about to check out the classroom sale though
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71dPKCqVegs 718 Boxster S one take, great color
Gross.   My brother threw down the deposit for the 3 and quizzed me why I didnt jump on the bandwagon. I'd rather wait to see the Y and what options pricing looks like. Also, I drive a V8 SUV and he's in a prius and retrofitted electric pickup, so maybe he's a bit more forward thinking...
ass so fat
i don't get it
I am disappoint. With your talk about obsessing over the contacter I took it as you had some friends on the inside and was hoping there was something new and interesting in the design. 
@ramuman you said you'd seen the 3 right? Did you like it or was it mostly another riff on the S and X shape?
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