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That lunarepic is a great looking shoe, especially in the hype/halo/all black but does the ankle sock look weird when worn?
A5/S5 Sportback coming to US 2015. I'm glad to see this, I always liked this smaller sportback.   http://fourtitude.com/news/audi-rumors-renders-spy-photos/a5s5-sportback-confirmed-for-usa-plus-full-a5s5-b9-range-timeframes/
"Lifestyle boutique" smh
I knew it'd be too small for your DD but was curious of your opinion for the wife's. 
I thought you werent into this? had you dismissed it based on 4cyl and opinion changed after driving?
Bah, Socal chicks know trims and color codes by heart. 
godspeed greenfrog
do they still make the MB R AMG?
olive or tan stadium jacket?
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