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Jesus Christ stop with the brand blowjob shit
That looks so fun
^ nike doing orthopedics?
Phaeton was a Halo car that represented what VW was capable of, from an era when they had an identity crisis, putting the w12 in Passats.    Phaeton compares, arguably to top trim MB S class amiright? what VW and MB does with the rest of their models is what creates their brand identity. I think its interesting how MB, at least from my American perspective has held on to their status as a brand. Even if BMW and Audi and VW and Hyundai (Equus) are capable of making...
^tl:dr idfnl?
ive got a 2008 2.0t, they tweaked the engine a bit mid-year, timing chain and a few other hiccups got fixed. nothing revolutionary but I like it alot, pity they took it out of the newest gen Passat.  3.6 4motion would be a contender but thats been offered less and less til now its just a top trim in the CC and that point I'd rather have the Audi AWD and not the haldex.   ...I wonder if Id be madly in love with the other German cars if I hadnt grown up in the snow...
congrats sir. will be my next car, 3.0t wagon if i have my druthers. monsters in the snow.
nike pre montreal vintage lunar, a few pairs between 1-10.5 on ebay, pretty slim pickins out there tho
Jumped on a pair of these today, thought they were long gone so it was a bit impulsive it I like them. Am I crazy?
CG, more deets please Skinnygoomba, rumpelatiltskin, that's about what I thought, I bought an accord out of school. Bought it for the reliability per my parents request and it was a good move with all the amount of driving my first job required. But looked and felt pretty dull. Went to the Honda dealer when it came time to trade -despite having hated any Honda dealer I ever visited- and was disgusted by the leather condition in a 15k mile CPO. I do remember some pretty...
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