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hahaha smoke weed before a run and I wouldn't be able to jog a half mile before I got distracted, especially in NY. I like the cold weather for running with the right gear, when working in Cambridge I used to run the 4 mile loop down around the Charles river at lunch. Fucking glorious lunchbreak.
I agree those are to big for that car just sharing a brand that makes a nice wheel, although I think 18 is the smallest they make
didnt see that coming, makes sense though and looks pretty nice
http://www.velocitymotoring.com/links/view/Car_Make/BMW/ I've taken a liking to VMR wheels. I cant speak for quality but they've got a growing base with bmw/audi fanbois.  
i swear VW released news of that ultra mega high MPG car like five years ago...why whould they bring it to Geneva now?
being at a new job ive been working longer hours and neglecting the gym, a shitty contrast to the couple weeks off where I was in the gym daily at off peak hours. Thanks, guys for the inspo to get back in there during the week. 
Wifey got me a Coach leather duffle because I admired something like it on tv and then saw this in store and it was the perfect color leather with nickel hardware... its fucking beautiful but I want to skip ahead to a year or two of use where I'm not afraid of those first couple scuffs. Something about it feels so delicate; maybe its that it just has that newness but I'm not yet convinced of the toughness of the leather they used. Doesn't have that "holy shit bullets cant...
nope, I moved, just forgot to change that here. youre still good
I like the other two options better but the alpina styles was the first thing that came to mind. Gorgeous car, either way. mins
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