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Denim to Toj fit looks damn close IMHO
haha flexing in the bathroom, I'm 6'1" 240, if you're fat I'm a fucking cow. Navy side looks super awkward, black side looks better but still long. Bummer. Live, learn and re-size.
Black fishtail with fir could definitely pass as Night's Watch garb
That's a hell of a run-on teenlight.
yea i want to get outside and take some pictures with some proper lighting. camera phone in the wardrobe does not do them justice.
  thanks, guys. I wouldn't change the sleeve lengths at all, I was wearing it a bit far down my wrist as I just threw it on, just enough stacking IMHO
[[SPOILER]] im sitting around in my A2 bc I dont want to take it off. love both of my TOJs. The bball is a 56, Charly made an exception and expanded the size chart for me. I sent him measurements of myself and a favorite jacket and he perfectly sized both of these very different jackets. The only input was I added an inch to the Bball, kind of wish I had done that to the A2 but i think the slightly shorter length is appropriate for the style. 
calf suede instead of lamb suede used on the t1, a1 or harrington. Its still a great jacket, the material is very nice
    mentioned herringbone varsity a while back but maybe its been done and I can see how that would look loud compared to a nice grey suiting material, this maybe my first JC piece if a sample comes out nicely.
Eggshell with Romalian type...what do you think?
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