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I haven't posted here in a bit. Put down deposit for all new appliances, kitchen is demo'ed down to studs, floors are bare, electricians have been in for a week and will be there all this week. knob & tube and more recent shady electric work is being replaced with proper, professionally installed electric. Feels great.  Dug a trench to the garage to get that powered, too.  Purchasing lighting and plumbing fixtures for new powder room and kitchen. Plumbing, hardwood...
Not just you, previous gen 5 series is in there too, IMHO.
Pretty sure that clear corner hate on a 3 series was bad fitment or mismatched backing. Id say the taste for bmw makes sense on this forum. They build cars for the driver, quality materials and ride, good looking without being ostentatious and not typecast for the older crowd. A few more members who are more family oriented but enjoy the finer things fall toward MB and myself living in the land of snow lean toward Audi. I like the difference in taste because when love is...
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Freedom-Task-Chair-Headrest-Prima-Vivaldi-Leather-DWR-Design-Within-Reach-/271178984129?pt=US_Desks_and_Home_Office_Furniture&hash=item3f2386eac1 someone was looking for a freedom task chair. there are versions with cheaper materials but this make-up is gorgeous, pricey but 40% of retail in the factory outlet not too shappy
my bad, saw the gif and did a lazy copy/paste, I guess I saw the M badge but didn't even think of the x6. would love to drive that ugly monster.   I've always been an audi fan and the A6 is topping the list for my next car, might not be for a minute but the 3.0t avant or 3.0t/4.2 sedan at the very top of my list. I'd do the a4 avant but Id like a little more power than the 2.0t and I dont feel like changing a turbo and that whole shitshow
[[SPOILER]] 5GT gif for the hell of it   just to share, 
buy less, buy quality and enjoy what you wear. wish I travelled more while in school and before getting to work   spoilered because cheesey feel-good   [[SPOILER]]
yeah tail is pretty bland
[[SPOILER]] Spoilered the full CTS views in case some arent interested, I like it alot more than I expected, pretty sharp lines are distinctive enough without being too contrived or dull, a bit big at the rear end but not too too bad. 
they're definitely softening some of the harsh corners that were so unique, but the changes seem like refinements moving toward the lines in their Ciel concept. .   
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