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Theyre probably limited numbers and started in sale this weekend at the ny pop up flea. Might be tough to purchase.
a couple of the new Gitman x The Hill-Side collab, my choices of the two. let me know if anyone might be stopping by the show and would pick one up for me
Rugby is going out of business at some time this winter, and they had frequent sales to begin with....their oxfords have always been a favorite of mine, nice trim fit IMHO, although they started putting their logo on the solid oxfords which I wasn't too keen on. Check their B&M stores for some of their older solid oxfords maybe.
deleted for shame
Am I alone in preferring the older black watch pattern (second photo) has anyone compared both in person? i believe it was a lighter oxford cloth to the newer hopsack, personally wish they reissued the older one    
Stop talking about effing waterproofing, go buy from Alpha Industries if you want nylon.
dreamt I was driving this last night, I think I was flying for a good portion of the time. seemed real eniugh.
orange lining in that MA-1?
im afraid the wife wouldnt appreciate the wifeyDR for what it is or i'd order one right away. both that and the suiting MA-1 look fantastic
i passed a charcoal Lexus IS350c convertible yesterday. Not as nice looking as an sl or slk but it was a decent looking hardtop convertible Also, IKON FJ40 is in my dream garage
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