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kiya said 120s will be in the SE webstore sept 1, probably a common delivery date
this is what i meant, shit is magical
Try a magic erAser,I've used it to get all sorts of scuffs of white leather sneakers. Though id try it on the inside of a sleeve first to see what the friction does to the color, texture of the jacket
A friend just picked up a triumph thruxton and I know he'd be all over this, living in SF I don't think hed go a day wIthout wearing it
[[SPOILER]] While i'll agree the vast majority of shearlings are ugly as sin, i'll argue that it could be rescued, as with other leather,s by giving it the proper shape, I have no doubt TOJ could make something completely lustworthy.( Some may remember the woodyear argument a few months back) Sadly its a cost prohibitive material, especially when considering Drew's eye for quality and mission to deliver this quality at reasonable cost. *tear* i wont mention this again.
some old Dior bouncing around tumblr,  not sure if the fur lining adds very much and the plastic hardware is a turnoff but I like the larger quilting in the worn brown.
also less extreme but saw this older guy a couple weeks ago, legitimately had to be in his 90's; suspenders, plaid shirt, corduroy pants and golf beret with the fuzzy ball on top, shuffling through the grocery store parking to his mkVI gti, the guys at the local VW dealer remembered him because he had someone helping him walk when he purchased it. They said he came in asking for the new GTi, not a golf or rabbit, he wanted the tuned up trim. awesome.
http://edwin-europe.com/fall_winter_2012.html Reviving this cause there were a few nice jackets in the lookbook and a couple nice this on sale i wanted but they won't ship stateside...
Currently brainstorming a reason to drive up from south shore Mass, store looks great.
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