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what synth said, nothing your friends do is gong to hurt the jacket, at worst it'll have a couple marks with a couple stories tied to them.
Desi and Caveat, I just got a gilt city email for a coach 25% coupon
truth, too many excuses: classes+new job+home renos keeping me out of the gym but for 2-3 days/week. but my diet is shit.    [[SPOILER]]
somewhere in there, im 245 at about 20-22% bf, need to slim up
Figured, still at least 300g/day, I gotta step up my shake and chicken intake. Any other prime sources people like to use?
oh yeah, windows and doors open, respirators, goggles, plenty of breaks for fresh air. skipped the whole St Pattys parade and got shit done. Electrician and plumber coming in the next few days, to give us all the bad news. 
current state of our kitchen. I was tearing shit down and the wifey just shoveling insulation like it were new fallen snow.
anybody use this as a guideline?
are you trying to answer a physics problem?
I resemble that remark (passat), its a nice SUV and worth a drive but I won't argue that the loaners or service would be anywhere near par with MB
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