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congrats sir. will be my next car, 3.0t wagon if i have my druthers. monsters in the snow.
nike pre montreal vintage lunar, a few pairs between 1-10.5 on ebay, pretty slim pickins out there tho
Jumped on a pair of these today, thought they were long gone so it was a bit impulsive it I like them. Am I crazy?
CG, more deets please Skinnygoomba, rumpelatiltskin, that's about what I thought, I bought an accord out of school. Bought it for the reliability per my parents request and it was a good move with all the amount of driving my first job required. But looked and felt pretty dull. Went to the Honda dealer when it came time to trade -despite having hated any Honda dealer I ever visited- and was disgusted by the leather condition in a 15k mile CPO. I do remember some pretty...
haha, has anyone driven an acura recently? i sat in some at the car show, nicely equipped, decent looking but rather boring and hard to have a full impression without taking it for a ride. The Equus was right next to the Acura display and that stole my attention.
"you wake up in your luxury bed and get out of your luxury sheets and get into you luxury shower.......then you get into your luxury car and it makes it all not seem so luxurious." Pair with pictures of modern home and fancy coffee maker and LED headlights. felt more like social commentary then an advertisement.
I haven't posted here in a bit. Put down deposit for all new appliances, kitchen is demo'ed down to studs, floors are bare, electricians have been in for a week and will be there all this week. knob & tube and more recent shady electric work is being replaced with proper, professionally installed electric. Feels great.  Dug a trench to the garage to get that powered, too.  Purchasing lighting and plumbing fixtures for new powder room and kitchen. Plumbing, hardwood...
Not just you, previous gen 5 series is in there too, IMHO.
Pretty sure that clear corner hate on a 3 series was bad fitment or mismatched backing. Id say the taste for bmw makes sense on this forum. They build cars for the driver, quality materials and ride, good looking without being ostentatious and not typecast for the older crowd. A few more members who are more family oriented but enjoy the finer things fall toward MB and myself living in the land of snow lean toward Audi. I like the difference in taste because when love is...
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Freedom-Task-Chair-Headrest-Prima-Vivaldi-Leather-DWR-Design-Within-Reach-/271178984129?pt=US_Desks_and_Home_Office_Furniture&hash=item3f2386eac1 someone was looking for a freedom task chair. there are versions with cheaper materials but this make-up is gorgeous, pricey but 40% of retail in the factory outlet not too shappy
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