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burgundy seems like it would come off purplish, some people love it but I just feel like it doesnt work with a lot. A couple images of what i meant by warmer browns, not sand like the baseball and not chocolate either,    [[SPOILER]]
my vote would be A-1, navy or a warm brown, whiskey-tone suede
nice picks
definitely more room in the urban slims, not sure if thats what you want
Thanks for the responses. I've got to admit, I really like the bag; good color and size, simple shape, nice looking hardware and I'll agree the branding is kept to a drastic minimum in comparison to their women's line (wouldn't go near the outlets, such a mob scene for half-ass product)...but I'd almost rather it wasn't a Coach bag...I'd really like to find something similar from a less omni-present brand, hence why I posted to see if there were anything specific you...
[quote name="pdsf" url="/t/115841/the-definitive-manbag-thread-post- Rach is the more authoritative voice on this but Coach seems to be poorly made with subpar materials. How much is that carry-on?[/quote] $700, 25% coups can be found too, big fan of the brown and silver details not attached to the brand by any means.
I've been considering picking up the Coach Transatlantic Carry-on and I just saw this thread. I read through a little bit and saw a lot of bad talk on Coach earlier on but opinions seems to have changed for the better. Can anyone speak to the quality of this or suggest of similar style but better value?  
they look great but pretty small too, id try them on in person. optical shop of aspen in the Pru has a pretty big collection of OPs.
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