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Because perfect classics will always be jawnz.
Mosley Tribes is perfect for you, same makers as Oliver Peoples but marketed on a lower tier, same quality, but just at your pricepoint. Four styles on Zappos match the look your going for, stafford carden hillyard lyndel, i just like zappos cause its free shipping back and forth so you can try them on at...
Same, tracking received for brown lamb a2 ordered late night on cutoff day, I've got to be one of the last ones to order before hiatus.
Psyched to get my sl120s, Kiya, thanks for helping me with the order.
theyre switching the Q5 to the 3.0T so my guess is theyd use that if its being used in more models elsewhere
i want the A5 sportback, or any RS avant
yeah that comment was a US perspective, maybe instead of "never warrant huge production" i should say "never warranted large US distribution". The US gets the RS' a bit later than over there if at all and definitely in fewer numbers. The RS5 or TTRS are the only newer ones I've seen in my area, not so much all sedans or avants. 
the darker wheels can look good here and there but they really caught on and , not a fan of chrome personlly i think id only ever go with a bright silver/brushed.   i feel like Audi always got a really enthusiastic response to the S/RS4 and S/RS6 avants but sales could never warranted huge production. Responding to that enthusiasm for that kind of low production, high performance with the Porsche brand seems like a perfect next step, pretty smart move IMHO
I meant to say isnt 120mph the cruising speed, as in the slowest youd want to go. i think it jsut varies so much between what car a person has and how comfortable they are with it. Autobahn speeds and American highway speeds are two very different animals. I think autobahn drivers laugh at the idea of cup holders in the car, while americans are weaving across lanes because theyre eating McD's, texting or some dumb shit to pass the time 'til they reach their...
There certainly are cities where there is a take no prisoners attitude which can be intimidating with all the Suvs and trailers if you aren't used to it. I've spent a few years in long commutes in nyc and boston, rush hour can be pretty aggresive or pretty backed up. Nyc has better drivers, btw. I'm sure atlanta, dc, la, sf are all similar that way. Speedwise not so much, those two racin topped at maybe 125mph which is really fast for 4pm anywere, anythng 90+ would...
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