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our seller was a greedy SOB, no realtor operating on his behalf so he had no common courtesy in negotiating just kept on holding out and had an excuse for every halfass DIY. We finally gave him our number and said take it or leave it. The negotiating was no fun. I hope you get it at the price you want.
they should have made the ipod nano bluetooth compatible, added some software and a bracelet two years ago. People spend $200 on an earpiece and $5k on a rolex, i can see thousands of people lining up for some goofy inspector gadget watch that costs as much as a pair of Nikes.
sorry for wall of text   Hey all, My wife and I are near to closing on a house and will be doing a number of reno's before moving in. It's an older house in downtown Buffalo, a couple blocks north of Delaware Park. Previous owner seems to have been opposed to normal updates but it helped us get a better deal and we wanted to make some personalizations anyway. Current pre-move-in list stands at adding a half bath, new kitchen and other assorted plumbing, refinish...
yea, im a big guy but I had a pair of the frees and I couldnt do more than a 1-2 miles without my knees complaining about it later. I run with the lunarglides and regularly run 3-4 miles and feel pretty good in them. 
PM drewtonius, hes on here probably once a week or so to post updates, theyre probably not in their regular routine the past week or so with their warehouse sale.
i don't mean to scare you off but my wife made an order from WP as she wanted some Rx sunglasses but the frame was crooked at the bridge so the temples never sat level. Customer service was great and they sent a second pair before we put the first in the mail.  Second pair arrived ok but within a few days, they had the same warp at the bridge so they didn't sit right on a table or on her face.    My wife was done after that and again the customer service was great...
haha i learned to drive in an '89, the old Blue Bomber, 4 gear manual, radio didn't work and my brother was sick of his friends getting in and trying to turn it on so there was just a big whole in the dash when I got it. Not my picture, ours had more rust, looked like shit but it just wouldn't die. i think we eventually donated because it was still running but no one would buy it and it was just an eyesore in the driveway.
new Rosheruns QS at End, I like the grey/volt and drab/blaze 
i think this was the next step, Consider how popular that kickstarter was a while back where the guy as just making a wrist strap for the new Nano. now make that a "simple" phone with bluetooth connectivity or as a peripheral piece for your phone to show appointments, weather texts without pulling your phone out of your pocket. you had to see this coming, they had to find another direction for their tech, all their other innovations have been refinements of current...
good lord, drop this 
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