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I want my jacket but I'm not going to count weeks like I'm pregnant
maybe I'm being simplistic but, to me it seems the "low end" A3 is only a sporty parts away from beinga rebadge of the much sought after VW R32 or golf R now, i dont think there's anything in either the a3 or the 1 series to be looked down upon.
not stateside...
TBH I'm kind of surprised BMW doesnt have something like this still in production to go up against the A3 (and maybe the wrx sti?). Any purists feel free to flame the idea. Seems like it would be a great project though.
well, A. Its not the right weather for it, B. I definitely trust them to deliver a product of great fit and quality and C. perhaps this most profoundly settles my anxiety, i received my bball just a few weeks ago so I'm still floating by on that.
I ordered at closing and I could care less how long it takes. To put in an order here you already know it is an unorthodox build-to-order business model, not Zappos.  
was there ever a toj varsity done with suede sleeves?
I couldn't wear any of the WPs, too small for my cantaloupe head, fiancé had to send back the first pair as the temples weren't aligned, they started building the replacement pair as soon as I emailed them, so at least the customer service has been on point. Anyone know some good pairs for big heads? I wear OP Pharells(sp?) and have liked a couple larger persols but don't know if I love the really round lens shape
kiya said 120s will be in the SE webstore sept 1, probably a common delivery date
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