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FYI from the BDGA thread. want those solstice in black, or the innevas in a 13. no such luck for me
im a construction project manager, no need to own a truck as superintendants and foreman deal with that end, I'm more about shuffling back and forth to meetings and sites having room for weekend trips. I'd catch endless shit for driving a wagon as construction crews love to find any reason to bust your balls, but IMHO, wagons are great looking and the most practical design.   Side note, followed bmw 5GT on the ride in this morning, starting to love its ugliness.
ha, was just on checking availability of A6 and A4 avants, again. Supercharged 3.0T as a powerplant for the A6 is just so much more attractive than the 2.0T A4, not even same league as that beast but some tuning could improve things.
diniro, he was only insulting you leather because you were clearly stunting on his lace camisole
What the fuck
Really like that, been on the low hunt for nice whiskey glass, will have tocheck them out
Oh true, not having a dealer nearby can be a drag. Would say a Jetta 2.0t or tdi but that seems they're out. Nissan? My pop loves his Altima.
Piob, get wifey a GLA concept for 2014 but probably pretty close to production
I've got two pair with some repairs done on on and ill get a third when my SLs near death
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