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Veeerrrrryyyy eenteressting, haven't been home since thursday and made a similar order, assuming you didnt get a tracking number, I may have a surprise waiting at home...
New one seems to look a lot like a Lexus Rx, Amirite?
this is bizarre and maybe i'm just drinking the kool-aid but i kind of like how they went off the deep end with the sportback shape that's so popular (so hot right now), the front and rear end will probably get toned down from the extreme concept shapes but this would be a very roomy greenhouse for a car this size.   on a similar note, saw an SLS AMG when I was in Montreal a few weeks back, and just gawked. gorgeous.    
burgundy seems like it would come off purplish, some people love it but I just feel like it doesnt work with a lot. A couple images of what i meant by warmer browns, not sand like the baseball and not chocolate either,    [[SPOILER]]
my vote would be A-1, navy or a warm brown, whiskey-tone suede
nice picks
definitely more room in the urban slims, not sure if thats what you want
Thanks for the responses. I've got to admit, I really like the bag; good color and size, simple shape, nice looking hardware and I'll agree the branding is kept to a drastic minimum in comparison to their women's line (wouldn't go near the outlets, such a mob scene for half-ass product)...but I'd almost rather it wasn't a Coach bag...I'd really like to find something similar from a less omni-present brand, hence why I posted to see if there were anything specific you...
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