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i grew up upstate, spent summer afternoons at a swimming hole, camping near lakes, jumping off waterfalls and aqueducts. Creek and Lake swimming is the greatest.   also, chubbier growing up i was a good floater, not exactly lean now but my buoyancy is determinant on whether I've got a full breath in my lungs
you guys gotta work on treading water, chill out with a hand on the ladder and just get the speed of your scissor kicks right. not too slow but not fast and panicky, just learn to get comfortable.
my wife got my duffle for 25% off, sign up for Coach emails/mailers, we got the coupon twice before she got it for me 
can never wear converse, shit is too narrow. cosign vans, nike blazers, puma collaborations, namely AMQ, a little out there but Im a fan
conceded, meant only that they can help movement and not just be drag
if you're not using your legs for propulsion then they just become dead weight. give swimming with a kickboard a shot. it makes you look like a 6yo whether you're a pro swimmer or just  learning so just ignore that fact. Its a great way to see how good or how bad your kicking is and its a great workout after just a few laps.
the mother-in-law wont let go of their old Nissan Quest. I've had to drive it a number of times and never complain and no one gets in it without remarking on the space/ dvd screens/ sunroofs(sp?). Not a bad option.  
watch youtube videos and practice, i taught swim lessons in HS/college, mostly little kids but tried to teach some friends but they were always so embarassed or frustrated that they never got better. keep doing laps and refining your kicks/strokes. such a great workout, wish my gym had a pool. 
find new bs til they realize they shouldnt be angry that their 5 friend had no business with a 9 then maybe theyll realize they miss the 9
auttrader has a "3rd row seat" option under advanced options, could just select that, set the radius and max price and have at it...
New Posts  All Forums: