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he never drives it, he just rubs it with a daiper...and has tea parties with it... and reads it bedtime stories
  that acne one is a pretty handsome turn in that style, not waxed but a good look, no?
Gah whiskey lamb, I would be the stranger at a party trying your brothers jacket on in the coat room.
I'm agreed with a size down in the wheels for a more stock look but huge respect for the builder. Must have been a massive undertaking and the results are perfect.
How many TOJs have been made? FB page has almost 1400 likes...I wonder how many of those may have purchased vs just lurkers. I knew the crowd who purchased has to be bigger than that which comments on here but I'm curious as to just how big.     pointless query is pointless
Any chance of that 3sixteen shadow being restocked during this event? That'd be a nice stroke of luck.
Veeerrrrryyyy eenteressting, haven't been home since thursday and made a similar order, assuming you didnt get a tracking number, I may have a surprise waiting at home...
New one seems to look a lot like a Lexus Rx, Amirite?
this is bizarre and maybe i'm just drinking the kool-aid but i kind of like how they went off the deep end with the sportback shape that's so popular (so hot right now), the front and rear end will probably get toned down from the extreme concept shapes but this would be a very roomy greenhouse for a car this size.   on a similar note, saw an SLS AMG when I was in Montreal a few weeks back, and just gawked. gorgeous.    
New Posts  All Forums: