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Black fishtail with fir could definitely pass as Night's Watch garb
That's a hell of a run-on teenlight.
yea i want to get outside and take some pictures with some proper lighting. camera phone in the wardrobe does not do them justice.
  thanks, guys. I wouldn't change the sleeve lengths at all, I was wearing it a bit far down my wrist as I just threw it on, just enough stacking IMHO
[[SPOILER]] im sitting around in my A2 bc I dont want to take it off. love both of my TOJs. The bball is a 56, Charly made an exception and expanded the size chart for me. I sent him measurements of myself and a favorite jacket and he perfectly sized both of these very different jackets. The only input was I added an inch to the Bball, kind of wish I had done that to the A2 but i think the slightly shorter length is appropriate for the style. 
calf suede instead of lamb suede used on the t1, a1 or harrington. Its still a great jacket, the material is very nice
    mentioned herringbone varsity a while back but maybe its been done and I can see how that would look loud compared to a nice grey suiting material, this maybe my first JC piece if a sample comes out nicely.
Eggshell with Romalian type...what do you think?
just got my brown lamb A2, it has wow factor
have you looked at the CC or passat 3.6 4motion? maybe only a year or two of the normal passat had the AWD version but i think its available on all years of the CCs, A downgrade in trim from the a6, and not as fun as a BMW but a great ride nonetheless. Haldex system so FWD until the wheels start slipping. 
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