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Old question but they may be Illesteva. Context or need supply carries themBuffalowang, both pairs look good, hinge on the persols is kind of loud though, I'd vote the ray bans if it had to be one or the other
the gitman x OC collection is big, not for me though. Mostly typical loud OC styled exclusives and nothing from the new FW collection Edit: black and blue paneled Oxford is decent http://www.openingceremony.us/products.asp?menuid=1&designerid=253&productid=68696
a few new guys up on the Gitman Vintage site as AW12 web exclusives, I dont the vertical aztec, white ox-deer is mehm the ox-deer grey is my favorite of the three but not spending any money on these...
if i were a SA at one of the many Herb Chambers dealerships, i wouldn't want to be accountable for pointing out the bosses fancy car and the plates winding up all over the internet for any disgruntled customer to find. Maybe a bit paranoid but better safe than sorry
Was it orange? Saw it at Empire on the waterfront. Only one I've ever seen.
Check epaulet, they make one with the same material. you may need to size up with them. I got a xxl and it fits like a snug xl after a wash.
Best grey yet
i was hooked on the idea of a grey oxford shirt for a while but the color was always just a bit too close to a light blue oxford that I didn't even feel like I was wearing blue but that my eyes were playing tricks on me. I like the idea of this because its got a greater contrast in the light and dark threads then the flecks add a little character. I think with denim or duck canvas colored khaki would both be good basic looks
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