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I think you're over-thinking it, those blue suede harrington and A1 fits were always some of my favorites, diesel blue T-1 would look good.   that Jil Sander jacket is just strange; too long, pockets are too prominent, collar too big
lunarglide is working well for me
thats great news i ruined my other silk bomber
agreed but this guy was not qualified. basement just has cheap, poorly assembled walls and power setup. Basement is big and finishing it would be a nice thing to do down the road, but foundation and structure are in great shape, desirable neighborhood at a great price, walk to parks, close to "downtown", 4br plus finished attic, 2 bath with plumbing ready for another half we'll put in right away. 
slight exaggeration, but he "finished" the basement and it's just a DIY shit-show down there. that's getting gutted.
the garage and half of our new house is powered by extension cords. I could have wrung the sellers neck when we were doing the inspection. Glad we know an electrician, he's going to have some work to do.  
  Thanks much, Lefty. The house will be a little drafty but the exterior work is all cosmetic. Aluminum siding, though showing its age, is still solid. New windows will go in here and there and new siding will probably happen summer 2014. The one good thing the previous owner did was install a new roof. 
our seller was a greedy SOB, no realtor operating on his behalf so he had no common courtesy in negotiating just kept on holding out and had an excuse for every halfass DIY. We finally gave him our number and said take it or leave it. The negotiating was no fun. I hope you get it at the price you want.
they should have made the ipod nano bluetooth compatible, added some software and a bracelet two years ago. People spend $200 on an earpiece and $5k on a rolex, i can see thousands of people lining up for some goofy inspector gadget watch that costs as much as a pair of Nikes.
New Posts  All Forums: