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porsche 718 not getting great response http://www.evo.co.uk/porsche/boxster/17792/porsche-718-boxster-review-why-everything-porsche-touches-doesn-t-always-turn     MB E-AMG wagon looks good tho http://www.evo.co.uk/mercedes/e-class-estate/17815/mercedes-benz-e-class-estate-debuts-with-amg-e-43-range-topper
It killed me when they totaled the Jeep, I slid off the road sideways, knocked off the fascia when a tree hit the front passenger side fender and finally stopped with the tailgate against a tree. It looked like it could have driven away but with the fascia ripped off and the frame bent at the tail...no go. So I went to college with a 99 civic hatch instead of the grape Jeep. first world problems.
i miss dat Tercel tho, 4 banger with a 4 gear manual and a hole in the dash bc the radio didnt work and my brother was sick of people trying to turn it on. stormed around town in that little blue bomber thinking I was Colin Mcrae.
brutal.   At the time, I knew my cars were shitboxes compared to other kids at school, but I knew I was lucky to have any shitbox that my parents could get on the cheap. In chronological order: 89 toyota tercel hatchback   Escort Wagon   grape flavored Cherokee, this wasnt a shitbox at all but I wrecked it on some black ice :(
I keep pointing them out to the wife for when her current lease runs out. though we won't necessarily need the third row, rep for safety, good looks and relative efficiency for the size might have her sold.
The wife and I stayed at an airbnb in Newburyport this past weekend, the owner had one of this color had one parked out front of their perfectly "coastal new england" decorated home. It fit so perfectly, I as so annoyed it wasn't our actual house.
I clicked "notify me" yesterday and these are back up for funding today. Did anybody get them first time around? 
I always run by a countryman in my neighborhood and I like it more every time...counter to what I expected. It's the S All4 version in black with some grey BBS wheels.
My brothers got an older Prius which seems to have some rattles and I've checked out the interior of the Lexus which has a much tighter fit and finish. Both are rather small as I remember my knees were in the dashboard.
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