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New Cadillac Escala flagship...a handsome update but seems a little late to the game. 
Maybe I'm being too picky for your budget brapcar, but black w/ silver accent wheels on a navy car seems pretty heinous...edit:though perhaps better than what it came with.
cost? I've got a wedding in the SF area this time next year
via Reddit, lolz
Did you have to sign anything that said you wouldn't track the Camry?
I'd like to find a build thread for this thing "BMW Bavaria (1972) .... Running a V8 S62 with M5 six speed, 993 turbo brakes, trick suspension, one off magnesium BBS wheels." Sharing this from Reddit, this guy is selling the hell out of this little pickup
GF, if they manage to talk you back from the edge of violence, at the very least get them to show you this backlog and share some pics of any classics/rarities with us nerds.
They're sticking it to the insurance company and using the "billed hours" as bullshit backup, probably have a good markup on the crap fleet daily rental they gave GF too.He isn't buying a new X5 anytime soon so they're brushing him off. Fuck that. Go in and tell them to give you a nice rental to round out the rest of the "time spent on these repairs" or you'll raise holy hell with corporate.
Man, we start talking about "junk" cars and this thread got a hell of a lot more entertaining
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