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Never looked at soapstone. Pretty sharp looking
I second this, we opted for this look from Cambria. granite would have little red wine circles all over it by now 
I love the new kitchen, refinished floors etc we had done but what gave me the most pleasure was having our stone foundation repointed and Windows replaced. Feels good man. Congrats on the foundation and insulation
Please provide a link when he starts this up
that navy walnut is classic
Any of you guys have pot fillers? FIL suggested it last minute when we renovated our kitchen and I'll be damned if it isnt a nice little amenity. Wife and I both use it all the time.
Stop "dat"
so filthy 
@lefty one last comment on Toyota then I'll give it a rest. I love this rear window they've got on the 4runners. It seems like a boring feature at first but it really opens the car up in the summer and i don't think any other SUVs have it. It's no topless wrangler but 5 windows and a sunroof can close up at the touch of a button in case of rain.     
New Posts  All Forums: