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We had our crawlspace spray-foamed in the fall to replace sagging batt insulation installed by previous owner, it's open air so may be whole different animal but I felt it was worth the cost. PO had insulated without a vapor barrier, I don't think it was more than a few years old and it was worthless. Spray foam made the tile entryway tolerable in sock feet which is an impressive feat for this current Buffalo winter. 
fuck you think a dude driving a Lamborghini is worried about looking tacky?
http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/dri-fit-touch-fleece-training-pants/pid-1569457/pgid-1569460 has anybody tried these dri fit touch fleece? looks like a tech fleece fit but with a cooler material
M package fit? Get on that GF.
Want me to forward? Pm me your email
This colorway lunar 3 looks real good
Thanks, guess ill look into carhartt WIP or something. The rogue territories, nudies are built for chicken legs
Are there any selvedge chino or camel canvas 5 pocket pants out there that fit like the CTs/30 BSPs? 
Not sure I get the hype, the Orange is pretty sharp tho
nice. would kop for work boots but $300? fuck.
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