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they're definitely softening some of the harsh corners that were so unique, but the changes seem like refinements moving toward the lines in their Ciel concept. .   
    agreed and agreed, lady i work with drives a CTS coupe and I passed a new XTS on my commute recently.  I wouldn't mind having either in my driveway, probably the best-looking American line of cars.
agreed, i dont see the point of teaser shots. are people going to get hyped and line up outside Cadillac for one?
[[SPOILER]]   "teaser" shots of the new CTS. Interior  looks nice, I think I like the hood bulge but hard to tell without a full 3/4 view. rear end looks pretty boring and LED DRLs are a bit overkill
Markl, sorry to hear about the 6, sickening. Hope you pick up something nice to replace it.
  whered you pick up the obsidian moccasins, I prefer the mushroom grey but theyre looking to be hard to come by
anybody pick up the solarsoft mocs yet? look real comfortable and at $65, fairly low price point for nike
what synth said, nothing your friends do is gong to hurt the jacket, at worst it'll have a couple marks with a couple stories tied to them.
Desi and Caveat, I just got a gilt city email for a coach 25% coupon
truth, too many excuses: classes+new job+home renos keeping me out of the gym but for 2-3 days/week. but my diet is shit.    [[SPOILER]]
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