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What the fuck
Really like that, been on the low hunt for nice whiskey glass, will have tocheck them out
Oh true, not having a dealer nearby can be a drag. Would say a Jetta 2.0t or tdi but that seems they're out. Nissan? My pop loves his Altima.
Piob, get wifey a GLA http://jalopnik.com/2014-mercedes-benz-gla-concept-this-is-it-474858113 concept for 2014 but probably pretty close to production
I've got two pair with some repairs done on on and ill get a third when my SLs near death
+1. Great customer service and great product because they know their shit and they care about it.
its like lifting with more high fives right?
Hit up dinosaur BBQ in Harlem, great wings, garlic chipotle is my go to, wango tango's that habanero heat. Smoked not fried to boot
I like the wheels that are on it but in silver, Vmr v710 or v703
New Posts  All Forums: