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anybody use this as a guideline?
are you trying to answer a physics problem?
I resemble that remark (passat), its a nice SUV and worth a drive but I won't argue that the loaners or service would be anywhere near par with MB
Piob, interested to see how you find the q7/q5, don't have the moneys or need for anything bigger than the q5 but did like it quite a bit. Also, forgive me for repeating myself if I asked already, have you given the new toureg any thought? Too underpowered? Liked it a lot and its basically in between q5 and q7 size wise
Black 13s if you end up getting them, would be much appreciated!
Tesla spotting today at the Wegmans near our new house in downtown Buffalo...? I guess they aren't as expensive or exclusive as I thought previously, not normally a city full of early adopters
Lordy I want to catch em all Blazen, i dont mean to warn you iff but to reinforce drews comment, Charly set me up with a 56, bigger overall measurmements and my shoulders are at 19.5-20 not quite as broad you and thats probably the place where im closest to feeling restricted. I like the fit but im a 38 waist sweatpants and 80s bathroom fit pic
i grew up upstate, spent summer afternoons at a swimming hole, camping near lakes, jumping off waterfalls and aqueducts. Creek and Lake swimming is the greatest.   also, chubbier growing up i was a good floater, not exactly lean now but my buoyancy is determinant on whether I've got a full breath in my lungs
you guys gotta work on treading water, chill out with a hand on the ladder and just get the speed of your scissor kicks right. not too slow but not fast and panicky, just learn to get comfortable.
my wife got my duffle for 25% off, sign up for Coach emails/mailers, we got the coupon twice before she got it for me 
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