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[quote name="pdsf" url="/t/115841/the-definitive-manbag-thread-post- Rach is the more authoritative voice on this but Coach seems to be poorly made with subpar materials. How much is that carry-on?[/quote] $700, 25% coups can be found too, big fan of the brown and silver details not attached to the brand by any means.
I've been considering picking up the Coach Transatlantic Carry-on and I just saw this thread. I read through a little bit and saw a lot of bad talk on Coach earlier on but opinions seems to have changed for the better. Can anyone speak to the quality of this or suggest of similar style but better value?  
they look great but pretty small too, id try them on in person. optical shop of aspen in the Pru has a pretty big collection of OPs.
wow, thanks for that, "brutally attractive" to borrow from a commenter   [[SPOILER]]
the 356 is always up top on my list for a dream garage and these two pulled up next to me at the thruway stop yesterday   a pair of 911s, 72 or thereabouts as well as a more current gen   landrover defender for the beach/camping   shelby cobra so theres at least one american in the collection   Q7 and/or rs6 avant family hauler(s)   S7 for the luxe ride, though that may change when I first see the GC in person   edit: Aventador if I have...
Shit I've been meaning to go have a look at this exact piece at drinkwaters but I guess I better not lest I'm ready to drop some coin...
Two consecutive pairs of my girls warby Parkers have been bent out of shape, just bad material or something so whe there customer service has been great, I have doubts about the quality. I just ordered some rayban 4147s and Mosley tribes (both fit my big head) in tortoise with brown polarized lens from zappos to try on, free back and forth shipping but both are available on eBay for probably 20% off zappos prices
ha, i dont like him but you cant blame him for being a kid. kind of hated but kind of loved his blacked out CTS-V with the batman logo. Its like he went and spent $80k (or whatever they cost) to put into the car like a normal kid would go get a comic book. 
Drove my uncles Sand was surprised by the little side supports that would protrude from the seats as you cornered to keep your butt from sliding around...awesome   while I agree with how obnoxious the rims and chrome bullshit from Autozone, i've seen asian, indian and white people have bad taste too  maybe you were just taunting edgein.
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