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i ordered some RE sunglasses last summer. wished I had been able to try them on the store, I had them taped back up in the shipping box so fast. odd shape, just didnt work for me. 
Books are better, fun to see it filmed though. For the most part it's well-casted
can we get a night's watch parka?     edit: rob stark's fur always makes me want to put on my A2... 
wow, thats a bummer. I signed up in hopes theyre doing it again soon, sounded like a lot of fun. NJ was the closest one but if I could swing it I'd make a weekend of it. 
 you've got to go with something you like, Ive never lived in my own place so I'm excited to get into this. old gas station or ice cream shop signage, mirrors, gig posters for favorite bands. I just bought a house in Buffalo so I'm planning on a big bison print from Sharon montrose, a Draplin print for the city of Buffalo and some Pan American Expo posters and some photographs as I come across stuff I like. there are so many independent photographers out there. just surf...
Those are gorgeous imho
i think the German have a better reputation for reliability?TBH i dont know. Ive never had much up close experience with Ferrari but a friend had a gunmetal DB9 coupe that just got stares and doubletakes like no 911 would.
IMHO Porsches give off a "fuck you I'm enjoying my money" vibe. I guess that could be said for any sports car but particularly so with zee Germans.
Our local shop guy has a late '00s model Z06 in that bright red he brought over the other night. Nice guy, i was warned not to join him for a ride as he has genuinely scared the shit out of my father in law. he loves to drive it fast and it has a mind of its own when you get into the throttle more than modestly. He stated multiple times how he's embarrassed to take it to dinner/events for the prick extension vibe it lends but he's a car guy and pretty set in the "buy...
I personally feel Imployt ones "auto response"is most applicable. A6 3.0t avant is my auto-reply
New Posts  All Forums: