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^ she's a beaut, Clark.
ive got sl 100 and sl 120, they definitely look like a dark indigo, I love em, i work as project manager so the wife half-scolded me when I wore them to work cause she knew I'd get them dirty and she thought they were my dress-up jeans. They look sharp and I love them as an alternative.
All the aggressives
worthwhille commentary, thanks for your input.
I got a CPO 08 passat sedan 2.0t a couple years ago, Its no A6 but its a great highway ride, I've taken it from 22k to 100k. there were a few hiccups that I had taken care of under warranty but nothing that worried me enough to dump it before the warranty ran out. Its been going strong. I'm planning on an Audi for the next car so I havnt been scared off of the VAG brand.   touareg fits right along side the q5, actually a bit bigger and just as well appointed, volvo...
I had no idea how enthused the would be about the remodel til we moved in and got started. I think she dreamt more about her first kitchen than she did about our wedding. Going to be tough matching the exterior to the level of quality we got the interior, maybe not tough but expensive.
Vicious, I think you could pull off any of those if you wanted, club master would have to be tortoise frame and it'd be a bold choice but you could pull it off if you wanted to.
inner turmoil. rib collar CWU,, grey suiting wool MA-1, or grey body black sleeve toj0, started dreaming about grey suiting wool body, black leather sleeves. started crying. take my money.i dont have money. dont leave me, i cant drive home like this 
for those who havnt seen this yet
ive seen a bew BRZs. havnt seen one driving too much like an ass yet. sat in one at a car show , tho. no way I could own, very low, very small cockpit
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