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gilt home had nice full length mirror like that by Zuo, wanted to pick it up for the new house but wouldn't have been prudent considering we aren't moved in yet....
snagged the wool powerlines for cheap.
Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, as in days of old.
^ i thought of that thing, too. I only ever saw it a handful of times. The double headlights, as with the Juke, gave me that kneejerk reaction, "Do not want" because it's just not conventional. dont hate it as much but still dont like it.   it does fit along side its older sibling for 2014, however (GF, how you like this facelift?)
who hurt you?
the fit you like is pretty much the tailored look TOJ is always going for. the fit you didnt like was on someone that doesnt look to have a big drop from shoulders to waist. EDIT: its still a great fit.   Youll see it said a hundred times on here; Trust Charly, give him your honest measurements, measure your body and a jacket you really like. pay attention to where your length lands, let him know your bulking up. all that shit. Trust them, they do good work. 
yea...fixedpoint is an alien....
the "blue" lamb on the colorchart is darker than that and they may something really great, something you dont even know about.
yeah its tough to see Mom & Pop places go out of business, that's what irks me. Its a similar argument behind the "Buy American" or "buy local" that's been so popular in the last few years. I can get behind it sometimes but it doesnt always make sense, even if you have the best intentions.
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